Report: Eleanor and American sunset

March 15, 2024 8 By leonizer


This project is vital because we know how Eleanor is close to our hearts. She might not be the most faithful woman we’ve ever presented in our games, but her charm and sexual appetite could impress everyone. With the latest addition to the series (4th part of her stories), we gonna present Eleanor in a new place – Miami. What’s most interesting is that in Florida, she will meet someone from Serbia – Bogdan and Senka (together with Faith), whom we know from the Serbian Casino game. It will be an interesting crossover, full of emotions, turning points, pain and revenge.

I’ve sent the first part of the game brief to our copywriter, and he already started his work. We got around 70% of the required images, and soon, I will start building the game. At first, moving around the places and talking with characters scattered around town. When I receive more texts, we will make a one-day preview and release it for members. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Chestnut is already at full speed, rendering more images with Eleanor.

Key features of this game:

  • story-oriented and simplified dating sim with non-linear scenes and multiple endings
  • intriguing story oriented around corruption, infidelity, temptation and forbidden fruits
  • characters rendered together with background (for most of the scenes, the same technique we used in fantastic-looking Adrianne & Oliver)
  • 20 frames of animations presenting the action from 2 different angles (like we did in Club Velvet Rose: MIdnight Bliss) with variable speed and direction
  • for the first time – 2k resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), both for WEB and STEAM version
  • in terms of kinks – from vanilla to the BDSM scenes spiced with dark cult rituals


Rendering is moving forward, and I’m ready to present you with more pictures today.

I’m building new scenes now, and development is moving forward. I still miss images and texts, so we won’t see the next update that soon. Meanwhile, I’m implementing LUSCIOUS SECRETS content into the game, so the next release should be much sooner than anticipated.