Working with American Sunset

March 22, 2024 5 By leonizer


Currently, I’m working on jigsaw puzzles – whenever I have a piece with both text and images, I incorporate it into the game’s coding. It’s a slow process, but progress is being made as more content is continuously added to the game. So far, what do we have?

From the original game:

  • content from the BASE version of the game + Wife Gone Wilder
  • Tracy’s scenes in the cabin during weekends (expanded)
  • Lisa’s scenes in various locations during weekends
  • Daniel with Tracy scenes in the cabin

So basically, in the incoming preview, we’ll have content from the BASE game, WILD WEEKENDS and WIFE GONE WILD (except the SWINGERS CLUB event, which we plan to severely expand).

American Sunset content:

  • a lot of new interactions for LEVEL 2 & LEVEL 3 for Lisa and Tracy around the house
  • new photo sessions with Tracy
  • most of the new content for the expanded Vegas scene (missing some animations and 5 renders, text is ready) – needs some programming work to complete
  • content for the expanded event when Lisa invites Justin to the club for the first time – texts and visuals are ready. I still need to code it
  • buttons to follow Tracy and Lisa wherever they are on the game map
  • module for weekly bonuses from Black Dove publishing (changed from monthly)

What we’re still missing:

  • more interactions around the house – primarily visuals, the text is ready
  • some quest-based content with Sandy in the club – both visuals and text
  • texts for daily interactions with Coco, Lisa, Pablo and Dominique around town
  • additional images for the Vegas scene
  • testing, testing and balancing everything

Some of the Luscious Secrets content is already there but not complete (and before additions we plan to add), so it won’t be presented in the incoming update.