Busy week – LWT animations and more

March 29, 2024 3 By leonizer


This week, I added new scenes to the game script and worked with animations in AfterEffect. I’ve converted around 50 sets of newly post-processed images into cool-looking sex scenes (many more ahead of me) and all still dialog images into sweet animations, where the character bends sensually on the scene.


At the beginning of next week, I will start the beta testing process to catch all the missing content we still need to develop. I’m very excited about this project and all the hype around it.



We plan to release this expansion on STEAM next week. If you’re a HOROS fan, wishlist this game on that platform and be notified about the premiere. The base game got a 90% favorable ranking and is the highest-rated LOP game on STEAM. Together with this release, we’re adding more achievements to complete.

or play it on lopgold.com if you want to do it now!