April 5, 2024 5 By leonizer


Today we’re releasing WEB OF SHADOWS on STEAM. This version is expanded with the new STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS, additional dialogs, and theme animation. Those animations will probably land in the LOPGOLD.COM version next week (we need to test it first).

What can you expect from this expansion?

  • Prepare to meet two new characters, Silkara, the Spider Queen and Rosie the farm girl, as they bring fresh plotlines and potential endings to the game.
  • Familiar characters will also have new and exciting stories to explore, adding more depth to their personalities.
  • Enjoy improved animations with double the amount of frames and a more comprehensive range of visuals for a more immersive experience.
  • Face off against dozens of new enemies, including spiders, zombies, and legendary creatures like the Minotaur.
  • You’ll also have access to a new set of skills, weapons, armor, and items that will enhance your abilities and impact your journey.
  • The quest system has been revamped with added tips and tricks for players needing assistance.
  • And don’t forget about the refreshed game interface and other minor improvements.

If you want to play WEB OF SHADOWS on our site, please click this link


This week I played the game a lot and got the general feeling of this experience. It’s almost not grindy compared to the previous version, and what’s even more important, thanks to the transparent hint system, is that you know precisely which paths to follow to progress with quests. Playing with Tracy and Lisa that way is so fair and rewarding.

Unlocking new scenes brings joy, and interacting with various characters around the map provides massive diversity to free roaming around town.

We’re trying to close all gaps and deliver this update as soon as possible. Regarding the missing visuals, we got around 4 scenes, containing around 70 renders missing and some texts. I plan to complete everything quickly to let you enjoy the next step of the American Sunset transformation soon enough.

If you plan to get AMERICAN SUNSET on STEAM, please add it to your WISHLIST.


Next to LIVING WITH TEMPTATION, we’re currently working on ELEANOR IN MIAMI. I’m starting to receive the first batch of texts, and with an already impressive amount of renders, I plan to begin the development soon. We’ll probably release a demo first to present you with what kind of game ELEANOR will be.

Regarding CLUB VELVET ROSE, we’re putting this project on a bit of hold, giving it less priority because we want to complete LWT first.


Also, In the depths of our secret lair, hidden away from prying eyes, we conspire tirelessly behind closed doors made of impenetrable dwarven steel. The walls are adorned with holy crosses and imbued with powerful prayers to ward off any unwanted visitors. With dark intent, we plan to forge something sinister. Our plans will be set in motion during the upcoming bloody sabbath next week, where fate will be sealed and the first sacrifices offered up to satisfy our wicked desires.