Eleanor, LWT and something new

April 12, 2024 6 By leonizer


As you are aware, Eleanor possesses two distinct personalities – one that is a loyal and devoted wife to Drake, content with living in peace and harmony with him, and another that urges her to seek out new sexual experiences and explore the darkest corners of her desires. We already have plenty of vanilla sex scenes rendered, including ones with her husband, partner swapping (with Drake’s consent), lesbian encounters, and more. Currently, we are focusing on the more explicit parts, with Chestnut working on rendering scenes where Eleanor indulges in dirtier activities.


I have already incorporated numerous new tasks into the daily routine for the game, and today I received additional renders and text. It is evident that we are on track to finish this part of the update in the near future. At the start of next week, I plan to include all the remaining scenes and continue testing, during which I will comb through the game for any missing content or potential enhancements.


Throughout this week, we have been experimenting with different techniques and pushing ourselves to improve our rendering abilities. We are now preparing to embark on a new project, and we are excited to share the first concept render with you. Our rendering style has evolved significantly, and this will be the first project where you can see the results of weeks of training and honing our skills. We’ll reveal more information about this project before this summer.


We’ve just reworked the game a bit and added some new goodies from the STEAM version, like a new animated menu, the option to delete all your persistent data and start over again, some fixes and a super fresh feature—the HOROS heavy metal theme song. Check out the new version and let us know your thoughts.