Eleanor x American sunset

June 7, 2024 8 By leonizer


This week I was busy building the game, and I need to say that I love what I see so far.

  • Visuals in 2k resolution look sharper, and we’re able to present many more details on the screen thanks to the higher pixel count. Also, we’ve upgraded the animations of the dialog characters a little bit, and now characters move in a more natural way.
  • There would be just a crazy amount of content in this game – we have Drake, Faith, Senka, Bogdan, Cali, Marina, William, Ben and Grace. You can interact with those characters, build stats and explore events where you’ll have a chance to sexually please them.
  • We’ve tried to reduce the stat-building part to a minimum, making the game pleasant to play but also challenging. So there are many more situations where you can build stats with certain characters, making it more versatile than in ELEANOR 3. So no more clicking the same button again – just move around the map and discover more places where you can meet your favorite character and interact with him/her in a different situation.

I’m excited about the following week when I’ll continue to develop this project further. There is still some rendering ahead of us and substantial copywriting work ahead of Daman, but we’ve progressed smoothly with everything.

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Our rendering team is not wasting time! We’re coming up with more renders of the American sunset, including preparations for the SWINGER’S CLUB event, CALEB and the basement renovation scene and more hot scenes with the sexy publisher.