Risk and consequences in American Sunset

June 14, 2024 22 By leonizer


Some of you mentioned that Justin could cheat with Lisa whenever he wants, and it’s not natural that Tracy isn’t noticing that. That indeed seems not too okay when you bang your nanny in the living room, and your wife can’t see you through the window from the garden. We don’t want to break your game and display the game-ending screen only because you let the temptation take control. That would be realistic, but it’s only a game, and in that case, realism always doesn’t mean fun.

The original game has such mechanics implemented—when you take a stupid and risky action, Tracy could show up, and the game ends. It’s not fair to end your six hours of gameplay like this.

So, after reading all your comments we’ve decided to respond to that and we’ve come up with an exciting idea that would add some risk and danger to the game without disrupting the gameplay.


When you do something stupid and risky, for instance, bang Lisa in the bathroom when Tracy is just next door, we’ll play a short scene where Tracy surprises you with Justin’s cock in Lisa’s pussy. Tracy will get mad, and the atmosphere will get very dense – in the end, Tracy will say that she wants a divorce, and it’s over. 3 pictures per situation, depending on when and where Tracy caught you.

In the original game, we developed years ago, in that situation, we would display a GAME OVER screen and then play one of the bad endings. With American Sunset, we’ll let you continue the game. We will send you back in time to the moment when you still can change your decision, leading to the BUSTED! sequence and avoid being caught. So, would that mean you’ll avoid all consequences? No, that would be too easy and too meaningless.


Every time you get BUSTED! sequence, we’ll let you play that scene again and won’t end your gameplay, but… we’ll add 1 point to Tracy’s suspicion. Yes, we’re manipulating time and space, so technically, Tracy shouldn’t be aware of the fact that Justin cheated on her, but… she is a woman who has a 6th sense, and she notices that there is something wrong going on with her relationship.

We’re still exploring the potential of that change. In the incoming preview, we’ll present a system in which we plan to display a new plot line of Tracy becoming increasingly insecure with Justin. In the future, we plan to expand this idea even further, maybe even basing some new quest lines on a high suspicion level.