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I’m aware that a lot of you guys are waiting for Eleanor 2 and I’m happy to announce that rendering process is finally complete.ย  I’m coding the game for several weeks now and I’m putting all scenes together, working over a sim part and balancing everything. With a game of such scale it’s a very complicated process. I predict it will take 3-4 weeks to complete it.




Also rendering process for LWT2 is also almost complete – Tracy and Lisa are looking so spectacular.






We’re back into this project – we want to re-release the game with just tons of new and amazing features. It won’t be just simple update with a couple of new scenes. No. It’s will be something much more really worth waiting for (as promised update will be available for every player who already purchased the original version of our game). More info about it in a couple of weeks.

Below redesigned interior of Liam and Olivia’s apartment.





Recently I started to use INSTAGRAM where from time to time I upload pictures from our games (no nudes of course). If you’re interested please follow #lessonofpassion on INSTAGRAM.

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  1. Too many news about new stuffs ! oh my head ! .
    Mate thats kinda awesome games the team’s making . The arts are great but the LWT 2 characters looks kinda more muscular and male characters all seems buffed .

  2. Awesome . You guys are keeping up with the pace again it seems . 2-4 weeks is like 1 month of wait , yeah we can do that . Opening up in instagram is a smart move , at least that’s gunna make the subscribers know your all active . Pretty good stuff , keep it up Guys

  3. wow really great news to hear that eleanor2 is almost here
    as for lwt im speechless,it looks absoultely stunning and i can’t wait for it,amazing job from yamyoda,lisa is hot as hell
    instagram is also great news

    thank you guys,keep up with fantastic work

  4. Wonderful! These renders are so awesome. Are you still using victoria 4? I can’t wait to play all the game, they look really amazing. Thanks for the update Leo!

  5. OMG, 3 or 4 week even if you delay to 5 or 6 weeks it is just unbelievable , this is gonna the longest 4 weeks ever xD. Ty leo amazings news. Love eleanor

  6. – That’s what i’m talking about! Good news. I’ll renew my subscription.

    – I have also read positive feedback about LWS EXP.

    – Team Tracy

  7. Professionally, I wish it would come out LATER than 3-4 weeks. A game this big and anticipated needs as much tender, love and care before it’s released.

    But the horny person inside of me is jumping for joy and can not wait to get their hands on the game to make another sweet as walkthrough of it!

    And to the community, which team are you all on?
    Team Lisa?
    Team Tracy?

    1. I’m team “want to fuck both girls” but I prefer Tracy over Lisa just a little bit.
      I’m looking foward to see more of her, it seems she’s more open to sexual experiences than before.

  8. In lws texts were not completed, Eleanor is already complete text renders, now it is time to codifying and i think leo is the responsable on that so it means he knows how much time it will take, and i believe he is not saying the game will be release ins 3 or 4 months because it will take like 1 o 2 weeks more for testing if im not wrong.

    1. Of course we know that, but with something as these 2 titles he just shouldn’t give anything time related. There are people here, that will riot in 1 month saying Leo said otherwise.

      1. Well Leo needs to give some time estimation, otherwise people will eventually lose interest and leave.
        As long as he regularly updates on the progress and inform us as soon as possible if they get a setback/delay, I think its no problem to give a prediction when a game is finished.

  9. LWT2 looks amazing.
    Seems like it’s really going all out with the sex scenes. Threesomes, group, all good. Let Tracy be what her fantasy wants her to be.

    1. LWT2 was going to use v6 models for Tracy and Lisa. When Leo showed the first renders, the majority of subs(if not all) said they were not good. After that they decided to use v4 for the girls.
      It takes a lot of time to create renders and the artist have other things to do too.

      1. How do we know that he even had completed 10% renders of the game? Only a bit of the artwork was shown. If he has completed most of the renders of lwt2, he hasn’t shown us the bit of hire much he claims. Of course changing the renders to v4 could be quite troublesome, but we don’t know that is he changing or reproducing all the artworks from scratch. More over it could be that he is just working to change the artworks, cause if none of the artworks presented had similar photo in v6 and v4, comparing it, and what they compared to are totally different poses of the girls. And if he really had put a lot of work on the v6 models, it won’t be a problem for him if he could upload those pics here so we could appreciate his work. I don’t know how much renders were made with the v6 models but if they were only those 5-10 renders, then it was just to start an uproar among us. I am talking about Leo here though, if he is listening, then please Leo, I request if you could let us gaze at all those finished, beautiful renders of the most amazing of the women on LOP, Lisa and Tracy. And don’t bother about people not liking the v6 renders, cause I liked them much, they were good, beautiful. I don’t know why others couldn’t see the sexiness of in those models.

        1. And I say that it would be a shame if people were kept away from such beautiful work.

          And don’t take it the wrong way, I am asking for because I have paid for the subscription for the past 11 months, and have been an active member since 2014, so if Leo, could you not keep us waiting for these?

  10. Let me firstly say thank you Leo, you have really spoilt us with updates recently and also compliment you on the way you handle the critics. Ele and LWT are looking great. Good things really do come to those who wait. Let me also go ahead and throw in my vote to see Agent 69 again! An expansion would be nice, but what i’d really like is a sequal where she leads a team of 3 or 4 sexy agents and have them go on more missions. Could be interesting and fun to work with. Maybe on one of the missions she gets captured and has to manouver her way through a bondage sex scene to escape. I’ve actually thought about this alot lol. Anyway i’m sure you’ve got this year mapped out, but perhaps 2017/2018? Just one of the many depraved ideas i have. Thanks again.

  11. I agree with you, i would like to see again agent 069. it will better if they use that character but not as agent, but being honest your idea of the 3 or 4 agents sounds good.

  12. Am I the only one disturbed by the gigantic thigh in the second picture? It looks more like fat than muscle. Her thigh literally equals two of the dude’s. Also, personally, I dislike tramp stamps and that tattoo looks like one on Eleanor, but as I said that’s just me… who knows what everyone else thinks. I’ve never really been invested in Eleanor, while she’s gorgeous, I’ve only ever found half the scenes with the different dudes appealing. That being said, I’m really not going to push hard for anything in this game except for correcting her thigh. I know that has been brought up before by someone else. It looks unnatural/too fat.

    Other than those two things everything else is looking great!!

    1. It’s a matter of opinion. Firstly, I think that her leg is closer because it is larger. Second, the man is less and Lean thinking. So he worked on the last picture when his bodyguard and assistant. And I prefer a woman who has a nice feminine shapes. And Eleanor. For me super.

  13. Best news of the month lol.
    I am so looking forward to play LWT 2
    I’m not seeing much of Lisa, but I hope there’s more once the game is done.

    What happened to the insiders? Will we try those to find glitches or is that over? haha

    Great work by the way!

  14. Oh so two things

    1. I know some people mentioned, but the thigh in the second picture is weird.

    2. In the first picture of LWT… the dude’s penis is long, and in the second, it magically got smaller.

    Just something I noticed

  15. btw leo would you mind post more eleanor pictures in instagram? i mean you can not post naked ones but we can see some outfits the game is almost release so i dont see a big problem <3

  16. I wonder what the plot will be for Eleanor 2.
    I hope we get a hint of it soon.
    If I were to guess, I would say that Eleanor is in money trouble again but this time its Kevin who is blackmailing her.
    He probably lost his job and is ruined (which makes sense with the “Fallen Evil” picture) but still managed to keep the video of him and Eleanor.
    If she doesnt pay him, she will lose her job and marriage.
    Anyone who has an other suggestion?

    1. You should another post about ELE2, then you can imagine the plot.
      I think we can choose in three way, Drake’s new interior office & staff, become model with Simon, and geting a job with Don Mario.
      For her ex lover & Samantha way would be another alternative.
      But for real deal we should wait 3 weeks from now.

        1. Yeah.. We all have been experienced with the delay.
          But i guess when Leo was said that rendering is complete, it means big obstacle was pass. Still, works for coding & etc shouldn’t take longer then rendering (based on another game like LWS EXP)
          It’s worth to be waited

  17. Something i’m looking forward to seeing in future is the characters actually having different hairstyles at different points in the game. Its a small gripe I know but It’s always been weird to me that characters have exactly the same hair day after day. Looks like there will be a few different hairstyles in ele 2 so that’s cool.

    Can’t believe Eleanor 2 is just around the corner, really exited, that being said I am looking forward to innovation, I hope Ele 2 isn’t just Ele 1 but with new sex scenes, a new and interesting story plus new mechanics would be fantastic.

    LWT2 is by far what I’m most exited for, team lisa all the way.

    Good luck, keep up the good work.

  18. Really looking for ELE 2 and LWT 2, but i’m getting curious about BLIND DATE 3D and how your work will progress in the future.
    Are you guys continuing with the interactive images or will we get games like more 3d sexvilla in the future?
    I’ m a THE KLUB 17 user and a got say the graphichs are awesome and be able the watch other user’s stories with very detail worked is great but be able to interactive with the story itself would be even better and that’s exactly what BLIND DATE 3D can give us!

  19. Hello Leonizes and thank you for your games.I love playing LwS, LwT and Eleanor and the Hot Wife series (Tara and Michelle) but I feel some graphics are missing. DPs are not really shown from a viewable angle and sometimes there are not enough pictures to properly represent a scene or that particular scene does not have enough alternatives. I hate the ones where one has to circle around a red spiral to increase desire or rub with ‘the five digit monster with no body’ to pass that level or the tongue that looks like a slug on acid. I also dislike the decision tabs where one choice would be to say rude things to the female character and score points and the next rude remark gives minus points. It makes for a very frustrating gameplay. Naughty talk remains naughty and romantic talk remains that way even though she’s gonna give you her ass to break if you give her 7 stars satisfaction. The script for LwS and LwT is great. City of Love could have been better presented. The first sex ineraction I got from Alice was at Ramos. Kim who is always at the Mall is not available for daytime romps even though she is seeking adventure. Ashley goes from prude to sexy back to prude. It’s really annoying. The only realistic character for me is Taylor. Really looking forward to Eleanor 2 and LwT2. Still wondering why Eleanor is not only married to Drake but fucking him as well.

  20. Just a heads-up you guys, but you probably will not hear from Leonizer for the coming weeks. All his attention maybe on the project. He has gone dark in the past when projects have deadlines, so if you have a request or question, don’t take it personally as he is hard at work and not ignoring us!

  21. Hi, I’m wondering if there are any plans for a Hot wife story 3, as both 1&2 were really great and Michelle is super hot. I haven’t really heard anything about it, but I would be very interested in such a game once you guys finish up the games you’re currently working on.

    Also where is the standard contact form to use for suggestions? Maybe I’m just blind but I can’t find it on this blog.

    1. Instagram was a good move but i think twitter woulda been better, cuz u can inform us if you are working or not if the code part with eleanor is going well or whather. On instagram you just can post pictures and if you are going to post 1 picture each week do not make sense but i understand if you post many pictures the game will get spoiled.

  22. Long time subscriber, first time poster.

    I’m posting because I fear epoch might be a fraudy partner. I’m running a recurring subscription. This month something went wrong and the first payment did not get approved. About a week later epoch rerequested the payment, which went trough. However the funds from the first transaction are blocked due to epoch not releasing them (I know it’s not a lot of money but it’s the principle). After contacting epoch with detailed information about the problem and both transactions, they’ve cancelled my subscription, while keeping the funds from the first transaction blocked. This smells like theft to me…(on behalf of epoch, not u guys). Wanted to inform u of this so u could evaluate your bussiness partner.

    As mentioned I’ve had a subscription for a long time now, never had any problems. But if this is how they handle a problem, with clearcut information prooving what I’m stating in my mail to them, epoch does not seem like a trustworthy partner, my 2 cents.


  23. Eleanor 2 is closer to release date with every passing day. Right now I’m balancing and testing everything. It’s complex and time consuming part cause there is just enormous amount of options to test and choices to make. So please be patient.

      1. I guess the negative comments are fine because it might help to improve, if you see now the blog is really active, each 3 or 2 weeks we get some news. I’m pretty exited for eleanor and I hope we can play it neXT week. BTW would you mind post some pictures of eleanor on instagram ? It’s been a while without pictures. Eleanor the best.

    1. I really dont think it can be release this week, iยดd like it tho, Weยดve been really patients and the game is almost here, hopefully we can play it next week but only leo knows when it will be release.

    1. I’m not on the development team, but I’m pretty sure the fastest way to get the Eleanor 2 is to stop asking for them to give us a release date and adding pictures to the Instagram account.

    2. Its in the realm of possibility as that would be the early point in the 3-4 week estimate Leo gave but I’d put my money on it being in the later part of that estimate e.g. the week after.

  24. i don’t mind waiting for leo to sort everything out before the game comes out.

    i know they got a good few of insiders looking for bugs in the game it should be well polished before the games comes out.

  25. Guys, Leo posted this news on 14 march. And he said ELE2 would take 3-4 weeks, which mean will be launch around 14 april. And today is still 2 april. So please be patient…

    1. nowhere said it will launch at that time. He only said the estimate of time he thought it was going to take on developing. Then there is testing, bug fixing and any other thing.

      And comments like this is why i said earlier in this post, that Leo should not say anything about development time.

      1. I dont know if im wrong but if you read leo just said he is working on testing and balacing everything, i think that when leo said 3,4 weeks he meant (not sure about this) about the release, however i would like to play eleanor this week, but i know it is not going to be possible.

        1. ‘whatisgoingon’ dude do you really have to reply to everyones comments ? Lop team is gunna release their game when they are ready to be released . it really never matters to them wether you wanna play today to tomorrow .

  26. Right now Iโ€™m balancing and testing everything. Itโ€™s complex and time consuming part cause there is just enormous amount of options to test and choices to make.

    Maybe im wrong but i think he will release it this week. Eleanor is finished he is just testing if everything is ok before making it public.

  27. Oh FFS! Is this forum really going to start a debate on reading into Leo’s comments about a ballpark estimate on when Eleanor 2 will be released??

    Game balancing and testing is going on right now, which is pretty much the final stage of development. However, it is also a game which supposedly has tons of options, so it’s going to take a little more time than usual to work the kinks out. In short, it’ll be done soon enough so everyone needs to chill out and stop vomiting nonscence all over this comment section.

  28. people are never happy. If it comes out to soon there be loads of bugs and people be complaining wouldn’t it be better if they game comes out to later without bugs?

  29. Last games releases leo always write how many days are missing, for the release day, he only said “Eleanor 2 is closer to release date with every passing day” of curse is going to be closer with every passing day, it would be really weird if not lmao jk, So we just calm down this week eleanor is not going to be release, Only keep waiting the day will come.

  30. So this waiting is on one side of Good and very interesting. I feel very excited. I come here at least 10 times daily blog. Much too much I’m excited.

      1. Waiting too full year, I look forward to the time. Well do not worry, if not this week, it will be next. Remember how you started to wait a year before. When you compare it, so now it’s a fairy tale. A fairy tale always has a good ending. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. @whatisgoingon, we know you’re excited. In fact, you’re averaging nearly a post per day over the past month and 95% of those mention Eleanor.

            It’s to the point where I think @Leo should consider putting in an ending specifically for you. She somehow gets kidnapped and the ending picture can be her trapped at the bottom of an empty well with you lowering down a bucket with skin lotion.

  31. I am just curious if Eleanor 2 will be released this week? There is no rush. My personal view is to hire more people for this site. That would have the games come out faster for those who pay for this site. I am not complaining , but more updates would be nice.

    1. We’re not getting those kind of dates anymore.

      That’s because some guys here thought I’d be a good idea to nail Leo for not keeping up to a date once.

      So no one knows if it gets released this week.

  32. Not trying to criticize, but can we get an update on the release schedule? Is it still planned this week, or will it be next week? Having to check so often is getting tedious, and many of us will be pleased if we can atleast be told if it’ll be out next few days or will be out next week.

      1. I’m pretty sure when the game is going to be release a couple of days before Leo will write it on the comments the amount of days are missing as he has done it before. however it would like to know something cuz I know we all are excited, and we’ve been really patients.

      2. It is week 4 now. But I don’t see any reasons for panic or constantly asking when the game will be released. People could at least wait until the 11th of April. And if the game is not here by this time, their questions will be understandable.

  33. Game is almost done. Right now we’re finalizing beta testing process and we’re implementing last changes.

    I want to launch it this Friday but probably we’ll postpone it to Monday or Tuesday to make sure that everything is tested and ready.

    1. Good news for all, unlucky by my side if it’s release next week cuz I won’t be able to play till next month, however good job Leo, with all the problems you guys started this year, we never thought we could have eleanor that early.

    2. Hello Leo,

      Thank You very much for the reply. As much as i understand a need to polish the game and finish beta tests, would You please reconsider releasing the game today? The weekend is coming and it is ideal time to play Your long awaited game – for some including me as i see from above posts the anticipation is simply to much to handle ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank You,

  34. Please release it that friday, because you can still make adjustments when it’s released with new versions like make a 1.1 where you fix the (few) bugs remaining.

    And well, everyone wants it for the week end when we have time, during week it’s harder to get time to play.

    Anyway, love your work, love you all, keep up the good job!

      1. The game is almost ready he said, that maybe he will launch it monday or tuesday cuz they wanna test everything again, And yes i would rather play it tomorrow. Good job leo, keep it up

    1. Yeah @Jquiche, you say that now. Then you’ll blue ball rage to @Leo and team here when it crashes during a steamy scene.

      I want it out just as bad as the next guy, but an extra few days is not worth the frustration of a buggy game.

  35. Hey everyone. This is my first post here.

    Wanted to appreciate the hard work put in by the lop team to make this game come out as soon as they could make it possible. Looking at their game standards over the years, I am sure this game will blow our minds (Hopefully nothing else… ๐Ÿ™‚ ) as well.

    I just wanted to add a suggestion if I could:

    Games like Lol have incorporated teasers ( in the form of different animations ) before they had new champions or game modes come out ( either on their website or on their platform). If possible, could the same be added to the lopgold website? It would build up a lot of anticipation for the game.

    And that’s pretty much everything I have to say. Once again, I really appreciate your quality of work and keep up the good work.

  36. Oh I can’t wait for LWT 2. I am loving Eleanor2 so far. I am new to LOP only been on for a week and it has consumed all of my time. Keep up the good work. Also team Tracy with a very close Eleanor second.

  37. Hey Leo. In February 2015 you wrote (post FEBRUARY 1, 2015) that the waiting game (more opportunities) in the summer or autumn. But since 2015 was when the wait for the game?

  38. Hey Leonizer. In February 2015 you wrote (post FEBRUARY 1, 2015) that the LWT2 wait (more opportunities) in the summer or autumn. But since 2015 was when the wait for the game?

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