Eleanor 2 is here!

Yes – today we’re giving you Eleanor 2. After many many months of rendering, writing texts and development – it’s finally here.

Previously, we got a chance to know Eleanor as a woman who couldn’t manage her credit card balance… nor keep her sexy thighs from spreading invitingly. Yes – she was not only spending all of her husband’s money, but cheating on him on a daily basis.

But she recently had a chance to change some things in her life, as Drake decided to start his own business in a new city. A fresh start in a new place, free from the shackles of the past… but not so free from her new obligations. She will need to work besides her husband, wining clients for his nascent company and taking care of their home – which, compared to shopping sprees and drunken gangbangs, sounds lethally boring.

Is she ready to change? Is she ready to focus all of her feelings on her husband and forget her previous life style – full of temptations and passionate sex with strangers? I guess you’ll need to find out by yourself.














No problem – just treat you husband with respect and show him that you really love him. Spend as much time with him as possible, flirt with him and tease him. Give him a lap dance hot enough to make him cum in his pants. Surprise him with sexy clothes and offer ourself to him in the places where he would less expect it. As you see, being a good wife doesn’t  sound boring at all.


Yes, please. There are a lot of handsome hunks in this new city, as well as flirty girls open to new experiences. If you’re going to be an easy girl, you just can’t find a better place than this. Dance in a strip club for money, romance the mobster’s wife and suck his cock to keep his mouth shut. And don’t forget that you’re working in an elegant secretary suit – who could resist you in the workplace?


Eleanor 2 is an erotic life simulation. During a given day, you may choose several actions which influence your statistics – for instance, some of them add bonus to your FITNESS and some decreases your MORALE. There are places where you can earn money and a shop where you can buy new outfits, presents and everyday items. Try to find the right balance between pleasure and duty, because your job is not only to take care of your character’s stats, but also your relationship with the other characters in the game.

During a playthrough, you will take part in events that will let you take important choices and influence Eleanor’s future. Depending on your actions and stats, you may finish the game in 7 possible ways.

Eleanor with her gang is waiting here: ELEANOR 2 at lopgold.com

But hey! It isn’t our final word.
Next week we’ll publish more info about plan concerning Eleanor 2.


148 thoughts on “Eleanor 2 is here!”

  1. Hi Leo. Getting a couple bugs. There were times when I went to the store and met Amelia but after a couple clicks, it switches to Celeste and then suddenly ends back to the regular store screen. Also, I meet Tony Lee on the beach before I ever meet him through the work event.

  2. Really amazing game, of curse best game by far atm, all those outfits are really good, The only thing i did not like was the kevin did have scenes, just the first one when he got hit, it is totally different than eleanor 1, i love it. Good job

  3. AWESOME, I really hope it is going to be as good as the first one.
    PS: also I’d really like to buy your games as standalone dowloads (the same way I buy videgames)

  4. Hmmm I’ve gone through most of the game now and I feel like it’s actually been toned down form Ele1. I know there will be more news coming so I hope there is something on the horizon! I’d really like Ele2 to have her fall into a real slut because it feels like right now, she is actually pretty exclusive in who she has sex with and how often. One-off events don’t feel like she is a real cheating wife.

    1. I will however say that the images are to die for. Whoever did them really knows their work. I just feel like there isn’t enough to make both routes exciting.

      An improvement is the ability to have sex multiple times with Mario which was sorely lacking in Ele1 for the only repeatable cheating sex content to be strip club related.
      A step back is that I don’t feel like there is enough ‘cheating’ going on or a final note for Drake. Ele1 had the vacation as a high point for faithful route while cheating route had really naughty stuff with Drake’s buddies and Eleanor’s ex-boyfriend. Something personable with ties to Eleanor and/or Drake. That makes it actually feel like cheating is going on and that she is a slutty wife. I felt that that was lacking in this one. Looking forward to the news next week!

  5. Finally, the long awaiting stops…Thanks guys, Leo and amazing team to present us with this beautiful long awaited game of the year. Will check this out and give feedback on this soon. Thanks again

  6. Have only done a couple of playthroughs but here’s my current review of the game:

    -Renders and animation: Amazing. Eleanor looks spectacular and the rest of the cast looks great as well. Background renders are atmospheric and well done. Animations during sex scenes are smooth and flawless. Some of the best work you’ve ever put out (with the exception of LwS). Any scene with Eleanor is amazing, even if she’s just watering a plant.
    -Music: Nice choices of music during gameplay and (especially) sex scenes. It’s very atmospheric and enforces the notion that the right choices of music is very important for these games.
    -Writing and story: The dialogue is well-written and believable. The characterizations of the various members of the cast are very well done. The overall story, however, is weak. It felt like a watered-down rehash of the first Eleanor game. There wasn’t really any story, just a bunch of random scenes happening. Most characters are horribly underused. For example: James and Samantha seem to only be in one scene (correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve only found one). The story with Simon the photographer felt rushed and pointless. And the sex scenes were all rather tame. Sure, we got two ffm threesomes… but that was pretty much it… I expected Eleanor to go waaaaaaaaaay beyond that (gangbangs, mmf threesomes with Drakes, BDSM, anal, etc.), but she was pretty tame. It feels like there’s a ton of unused possibilities and that’s a shame. I’ve only found 3 of the 7 endings, but they’re fairly solid. I also really liked the cameo that Kim from CoL had.
    -Gameplay: Needlessly overcomplicated. In the case of these games, less is more (in my opinion). This game has waaaaaaaaaaaaay to many variables in stats to look after, to the point were you lose focus on the story and the sex. The sex scenes, while nicely animated, were kind of a let-down, most of them had only two positions and it quickly became repetitive (first blowjob, then vaginal, in rare cases: anal instead). The sex scenes with Drake in the apartment felt the most fleshed out, but everything else felt kind of lacking. The strip club was very well done with plenty of options and I really liked the gameplay function for the strip scene. I liked the option of looking at all the different outfits Eleanor can amass throughout the game, wish there had been more.

    Overall: a nice game with great renders and graphics, strong dialogue and great characters. Though it suffers from a weak story, underused characters and lots of missed opportunities. By no means a bad game, but, for me, it fails to live up to the (admittedly, massive) hype that has been built over the years.

    1. OK, so I know this page should probably focus on Eleanor 2 now, but I really felt like adding a short review of the LwS Expansion, since I haven’t had a chance to play it untill very recently. I should probably post it in the thread announcing the release of that expansion, but I doubt anyone of the LOPteam will read it 🙂
      -Renders and Animations: Best you’ve ever put out. Every single character and background image looks f*cking stunning. The sex scenes were out of this world! Itmakesmeblush is my favourite artist on the LOPteam.
      -Music: solid and atmospheric.
      -Writing and story: solid story with good dialogue. The characters are fleshed out and well-defined. Though I do feel that the storyline about Serena cheating is too brief, very undedeveloped and not explored to its fullest extent. I would also have liked to see more of Nicole. Also, the pub was pointless, a sex scene or other story driven element happening in that location would have made it worthwhile. As is, it’s a waste of time for both player and developer. And on a personal note: Not enough anal, mmf, and BDSM (in my opinion) 🙂 I liked all the different endings.
      -Gameplay: Solid, simple and to the point. It was nice to gain 4 extra days (though I feel it could easily have been 10. Everything else was perfect.

      Overall: Solid game. Not my favourite, but a very close second. I really hope you consider a second expansion of this game (even though you suffered through a shit-storm of fan outrage during development of the first).

  7. Sounds like I made the best decision in NOT purchasing a subscription, although it is too early to tell. Sounds like the few reviews above have been let downs (in one form or another) despite the great graphics and animations we have come to expect.

    I want to give this game time to be played before I give up my money, but look forward to hearing more positive reviews! Truthfully, I want to give my money, but if it is a let down than I will pass with both my time and money. Maybe others will come forward with great reviews. I truly hope so.

    1. You should, I did and I don’t regret it. I like nemo’s review always on point. I also expected eleanor to go beyond (gangbangs like eleanor 1 ending, I liked we could see more lesbian scenes, honestly I think we were all waiting for kevin as a strong character but when I saw he did not have scenes on eleanor 2 I got a bit sad, whatever the mechanics of the game are really good, sex scenes, outfits hey are stunning, I woulda liked Charles like a characters as Don Mario or the girls, I still missing some scenes with james/samantha but I liked the game I enjoy it playing it, the club were your best really well designed , I have not words for the club really well done there . The photographer were maybe the worst character.I would give it a score 70 or 100. I remember that eleanor 1 and lwt were not that good until expansions, hopefully we will see one for this game on the future of curse with more scenes(gangbangs,dp, voyeur etc maybe including some scenes with Kevin. In general to me was worth it waiting, you guys keep improving and improving that’s good. I usually do not pay for porn but your games are by far the best ones and you deserve many members. I really wanted to play eleanor 2 and also waiting for rooms. Keep it up. All the staff you are the best 🙂

      1. Btw how do i get the scene with james at house ? After I talked with samantha in the restaurant and I go to the bathroom ? I got his number but I do not what to do. Also I don’t know how to get samantha’s sex scenes. Help will be highly appreciated.

        1. Some days after the scenes at the restaurant, you will get a call when you go to the bedroom at night, from Samantha, to go out.

          Say yes, and then you get the option to go to the strip club. Just follow your instincts from there 🙂

          No idea for James though, didn’t get anywhere…

  8. Was looking forward to this ever since the announcement of the game itself probably going to dive in as soon as I have a few hours to really play through the game a few times over

  9. I loved the game except the SEX VIBE, STAMINA and MORALE bars. Please don’t include that in living with temptation because it’s annoying when they’re not filled up……

    1. 10 points in “looking” gives one moral bar.

      10 points in “Sexperience” gives 1 bar Sex Vibe.

      10 points in “Fitness” gives 1 Stamina bar.

      After just hold levels “Looking,” “Sexperience” and “Fitness” to access everything.

      50 with Drake, inviting him to watch Eleanor take a bath naked increases the Sex Vibe thoroughly.

      The massage at the spa increases the Stamina and Sex Vibe thoroughly.

      There are plenty of ways to increase the number of bars and fill them in.

      I also noted that the maximum of bars for each is 6, so it must have minimum 60 “looking”, “Sexperience” and “Fitness”.

  10. Good game with superb visuals but story could be more interesting.
    Are there more scenes with James and Samantha besides that one on day 14 at the restaurant / bathroom.
    On Instagram there’s image of Eleanor and Samantha at the strip club named “ELEANOR: Crazy Friday night”.
    Is that image from the game or some ending?
    Read the last sentence of the announcement, most sure there will be expansion to Eleanor 2.

    1. i think there is an scene with james at eleanor´s house but i havent figure it out. And yes jhon, Im wondering the same, i saw the image on instragram but no idea how to get it.

  11. It does seem like there are some events not in game yet. I’ve been poking around in the save files that are saved to computer from site and I’ve noticed a couple variables at the end that don’t seem to be used.

  12. i’ve played the game couple of times now and i can tell that i like it a lot so far,the game is really huge,great work
    the only thing i can say that i didn’t like was the sex scenes,i didn’t found them all but the ones i found are kinda short and too simple,more poses and options would be nice

    thank you for great work on this game,now waiting for more news next week

    1. Yeah, you only need to sleep in the park and take a nap several times.

      By the way, congratulations LOP TEAM, you’ve done an amazing work with this game.

  13. I really liked the game. I enjoyed the first one but it wasn’t my favourite so I did not know what to expect, overall a pretty good game. Story might be a bit weak, I thought that about the first which isn’t a problem for me since the characters are entertaining.

    I like stat gameplay which I know most people are not a fan of but this might of been a bit too much, not as bad as Jordan and Tori stat wise but the bars that you had to fill up was annoying to me. Get rid off that and I would probably enjoy it more but nothing that makes me hate the game.

    I thought the characters in the game were going to have bigger roles. When the blog post came out with the different characters I thought that they all would have a couple of scenes each for example Samantha but that was just me misconceiving the post on my end and hasn’t got anything to do with the game itself.

    Overall good game. Story might be weak but it’s got interesting characters, good dialogue and nice visuals. The stat gameplay I usually like but the morale, stamina and sex vibe bars were a bit too much for my taste. Hopefully a future expansion will be released to develop more of the characters which would make the game great.

    Great work and I also liked the Kim cameo.

    Looking forward to whatever you guys are doing next and whatever Rahvin might be writing.

  14. My 2 cents on the game.

    It looks good.
    But I completely lack the sense of achievement. The story basically goes like this: “You just sit around all day and all of the sudden another character comes up to you with a plottwist and you either roll with it or not”. That’s like the stories in the earliest of LOP Games, not up to standard.

    But I liked the game though. Lot’s of pictures, lots of animations.

    But if there is 1 thing to really say about this game, it’s that it a) deserves addons, expansions and what not, and b) it needs addons, expansions and what not.

    It has soooo much potential, and every way you go feels like it lacks something. Something big. But it’s so easy to add on to this game because the core is really good.

    Also, I love the Easter Eggs. The Twisted Dream scenes were a nice addition, more of those please 😛 And put Eleanor in more spicy scenes. I like the Kiki on the throne one. But Kiki in the garden, that’s the better one 😛

    Nah, good job guys. I think everyone can easily guess what your announcement will be. I guess it’ll be something like: “We said we’d bring to game out Friday, so here it is, but today we’ll add in the content we worked over the weekend over” or something like that.

  15. Great review by Nemo. I guess, that lines for Samuel (Intern) and Amelia/Drake will also be expanded. I’ve tried to catch Drake cheating, but most probably there are no such scenes in this edition, only hints. Maybe we’ll see more in expansion.

    Also liked Kim’s cameo and Eleonora telling that Tracy with husband will soon have a vacation. Kind of LOP Universe, uniting characters from different games (like Marvel films 🙂

    Good game overall. 8/10

  16. So far I’ve found the following endings:

    *SPOILERS!!!* (though I suppose that goes without a saying)
    No seriously… *MAJOR STORYLINE SPOILERS!!!*
    As in “ALL THE SPOILERS!” (why don’t we have spoiler tags?)

    1. Eleanor ends up pregnant, but has no idea who the father is. She doesn’t tell Drake that the kid isn’t his and they stay together.

    It seems you get this one when sleeping around and being on the low side of the wife/whore meter.

    2. Eleanor ends up pregnant and Drake is the father.

    Get this one by being a good wife (staying above 50 on the wife/whore meter) and not being unfaithful. This seems to be the “default ending” as you can just run through the game, taking no action but sleeping to get this one.

    5. Eleanor divorces Drake (who then gets engaged to Amelia) and starts an exlusive relationship with Celeste (who has Don Mario killed). They build a criminal empire together.

    Get this one by having sex with Celeste and then agreeing to have a threesome with her and Don Mario’s bodyguard.

    6. Eleanor divorces Drake (who then gets engaged to Amelia) and starts a relationship with Simon the photographer.

    Get this one by following Simons storyline (get photographed in a bikini, give him a blowjob and don’t seduce him on their meeting in the park) and then agree to his proposition of starting a relationship

    7. You can not get out of the debt to Don Mario and you are forced to work for him as a prostitute while keeping it a secret from Drake (who becomes Don Marios business partner)

    Get this one by turning down Celeste’s propostion for a threesome with Don Mario’s bodyguard.


    I have yet to figure out ending 3 and 4… they might have something to do with Amelia, but I am not sure…

    1. OK. Found ending 3.

      Again: MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

      3. Eleanor catches Drake cheating on her with Amelia. She takes photos as evidence, divorces him and takes all of his money in the court case settling the divorce (oh, and she fucks his lawyer too). She then uses the money to travel around the world and fucks every guy she can get her hands on, sending Drake a picture for each one.

      Get this ending by not improving your relationship with Drake, being mean to Amelia, and stay professional on the two occassions where you have the possibility to have sex with Drake in the office.

      Gotta admit that ending just made the game soooooo much better! 🙂

      1. i had 0 relationship with drake, stayed professional through all interviews with interns and potential buiesniss partners and choose focus on work on both times, -65 with amelia and still dont get ending 3.

        help for ending 3

        1. The only thing I did different from you was that I had Eleanor fuck the intern and the business partner, and Eleanor was on the low side of the wife/whore meter.

          Anyways, ending 4


          4: Eleanor fucks around with different guys in the office for a while. Out of nowhere, Drake asks for a divorce and subsequently marries Amelia with whom he’s been having an affair. The divorced is settled fairly with their wealth shared equally. Eleanor finds a new rich guy to marry, but can’t stay faithful. She has a fun honeymoon.

          Same approach as ending 3, except when Eleanor is in her apartment wondering why Drake is working late, you DON’T go to the office but just avoid it til time runs out on day 30.

          I really have to say that the endings in this game are better than anything the LOPteam has produced so far. The endings in LwS were really good, but these are even better. They’re long with plenty of dialogue and multiple renders. Even the shorter ones form a cohesive story and they’re really inventive. The only way they could be better is if they had playable elements (hint hint).

  17. First of all, thank you Leo for having released the game so soon, I was not expecting it before May/June, it’s a good surprise. And I’m glad to see that you have made big improvements in your communication.

    About Eleanor 2, I have to say that I have mixed feelings.

    The renders are fabulous, characters and environments are photorealistic. It’s really impressive. The animations are smooth for the most. And Eleanor is definitely a special character, she’s always spectacular no matter what she does. A real living dream. It’s a pleasure to see her again. The dialogues are excellent, realistic, and the comments made by Ele are always funny.

    As said before, I’m not convinced at all by the stats system in this game, unnecessary complex, too many variables, and I hate the “sex vibe”. The sex scenes are a little too flat, a little too tame, I expect more of a character like Ele (mmf, gangbangs, voyeur, bdsm, public acts, …). I would have preferred more static images with more variety in positions and sex acts and less animations. And I think there are too many infos in the screen during sex scenes, it’s very difficult to follow the action.
    But what bothers me more is the fact that the game is more a reboot than a real sequel. The story is almost the same, the characters are almost the same (Flake/Don Mario, Sven/Simon) the choices to make are almost the same. And it’s obvious that a lot of possibilities/paths/characters have been intentionally underused to make room for a future expansion or content adding (I’m waiting for news next week).

    Don’t get me wrong : all in all, the game is good, very good. A lot of excellent work has been put in it, and it’s worth the pay.
    But Eleanor 2 is not better than Eleanor 1 at the moment. I will wait until all the probably additional content/expansion will be released to make a final judgement.

  18. In general the game was good, the story could improve but it’s fine. I honestly liked the places the club was damn good, but yes I think it’s missing interaction with the other characters like Charles,James, Samatha,Simon and of curse kevin who was by far the best character in eleanor 1. You should include scenes like gangbangs, dp, voyeur,blackmailing. Overall the game is good, but I’ll wait to next week to see what do you guys have on mind.

    1. Never really understood everybodys fascination with Kevin as a character. He was by far my least favourite part of both Eleanor 1 and 2. I ain’t knockin it, I just don’t understand it (apart from him being well-written, of course) 🙂

  19. Overall this is a good game.

    The new sex mechanic is probably the best you’ve ever done. It could use more variation(switching between different positions and perhaps “quick time events” to change it up a bit.
    But seriously this is the mechanic you can keep, forever.

    Animation wise awesome. Good job.

    Story wise… well I haven’t seen everything yet. Is there more to Tony apart from meeting him at work (Sex) and on the peer?
    Apparently I am too stupid to advance through the whole Mob story, I just can’t get anything sensible done. Sure I can fuck Mario and his wife, but for the love of god I can’t get get the endings some have been getting.
    How do I meet the Photographer?
    Amalia has the scene with the Marios wife and the possible threesome with you husband. Is there more?

    – Regarding possible changes in the future –
    do something with the Pub and alley behind the pub, like her meeting strangers to fuck with, obviously only if she’s a whore
    perhaps tagging along with Amalia when she has a date

    Can you meet the intern again? I mean he works there with you, Eleanor heavily implies that she is going to have fun with him, but I’ve never seen him again.
    So if its not in the game he should probably hang around your office or the conference room. I mean he works there after all.

    Regarding the Strip club the stripping mechanic is good, perhaps throw in some event where she gets booked for a bachelor party or whatever

    The VIP and private scenes felt more explicit in Eleanor 1, no idea why.

    Perhaps some kind of backstage action, its a strip club guys. 😉

    At home Drake sometimes just vanishes. Its not like in Serena where the characters are always somewhere. For example he is never in the “Studyroom”. How about he catches Eleanor watching/masturbating to Porn?
    Also he obviously has something going on with Amalia, why not catching them when they do it?

    Oh and the window voyeurism. That could be heavily expanded on. Seriously. Like the couple seeing Eleanor and perhaps an “accidental” meeting at the store or so.

    That’s it for now, just some brainstorming after playing.

  20. Has someone found the scene with Samantha and Eleanor in the strip club that was posted on the instagram or any scene with Samantha more than when you meet her and james.
    If someone has, please tell how.

  21. Has anyone found:

    1) any more scenes with amelia other than the office?
    2) any additional scenes with samantha other than the restaurant?
    3) any yacht scenes? I flashed the captain and talked to him but not really sure what to do after

    great game otherwise!!

  22. I’m a bit disappointed with this game. Reasons:

    1) The game is incomplete and characters are underused

    > Why can’t Samuel (intern) stay in the office? After he got his job I thought he would be around where you can have secret sex with him, there’s “Open Space” and “Conference rooms”, plenty of options where you can get caught, not get caught, have fun etc

    > Same thing with the guy from the shop. Why recruit him if you can’t use him later on? What’s the point in 1 sex scene? And why meet up in the beach if you can’t meet him again for sex? he comes up to you and tells you “you know where to find me” errrrrrr…lol

    > Kevin underused, only to get beat up? Wtf? I wanted a hot, degrading scene with him to make Eleanor a true slut that she can be.

    > James and Samantha underused, why give him her number if he doesn’t call? And again, can’t be used? Why not have Eleanor go to his college? Make a place like that accessible? See what I mean lol

    > Charles underused, again, 1 sex scene and gone, poof.

    > There’s nothing to do in the pub, come on, one option to have a shot and flash your pussy? lol and the alley is a waste. You can have so many possibilities in the pub and the alley. 1 scene with Drake isn’t enough.

    > Same with the park

    > The beach is useless aswell. Sell icecream and sunbathe with your bikini? Come on guys…come on, REALLY? IS THAT IT?! How about using those boats there? Have more sex scenes? Hookups? Or even travel somewhere to a holiday destination? Maybe bring Drake there?

    > Why not invite people to the apartment when Drake’s away?

    Which brings me to another point…

    There isn’t much to do here. I’ve noticed Eleanor can’t be taken out to a restaurant, or to the beach or anywhere else by characters. WHY?

    2) Sex scenes

    There’s only 1 or 2 scenes, bj followed by sex. But how about keeping some traits from Eleanor 1 like when she’s speaking to characters, the pictures change instead of it being static like in this game?

    > Have more positions, only scene with 2 different positions is with Drake in bed, that’s it. Actually that’s the only scene where the “change position” option is available lol

    > Have Eleanor talk dirty when she’s having sex. Why wasn’t this implemented? When you’re going from slow to hardcore, have her talk dirty so you can really get into it.

    > And as others have said, you need way more dirty sex scenes with her. Even thought about a cuckold scene? So many ways to flesh her out.

    Come on guys, this is Eleanor 2. I expected this to be a much bigger game than the first but unfortunately this has been a letdown 🙁

    1. I agree with all your points.
      But Leo said he will give new infos about Eleanor 2 next week. I’m sure there is more to come. We all can see that the game is not totally complete, there is a lot of room for a lot of additional content.

      1. Yeah I hope there’s an expansion, a big one at that because I mean SURELY they didn’t run out of ideas to the point that they had to create a scene to feed a cat in the alley just so the alley can have an option


    2. Flash92 it’s pretty right but I think you are being a little dramatic, the game is not bad, in fact sex mechanics are really good and I can mention some others good aspects, but I agree with you Charles,samantha,the new guy in the office, James, kevin i think you guys dont read comments honestly he is favorite character for almost everyone here. Let him be rude with eleanor that’s the point. All those characters should have more interaction more scenes because there is a lack of scenes with them. I still thinking it is a good game and she still my favorite character, but the game could be wayyyyy better. I’ll wait to next week to see what you guys have on mind.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I love the graphics. Sorry if I didn’t mention anything positive but yes I do like the graphics BUT they’re only good if there’s more things to do, more options to choose, more interactions.

        That’s why I said this game’s underused, it’s got a lot of potential. We could have stuff like the boss appearing at Drake’s workplace, to keep Eleanor in check with a sex scene to show who’s the real boss, blackmail etc, little interactions like that would do good imo

        1. To be fair I’m only this picky (but they’re understandable reasons) because it’s Eleanor.

          Eleanis and Living with temptations are the only 2 games that I’d be picky with lol

    3. Unfortunately, I agree. It has a lot of potential but I feel like it’s not good/complete enough yet. Also a walkthrough is really needed so that we know where we missed something.

  23. Thanks so much it’s a great game. I must say that the graphics are the best, great. But as compared to other writing Eleanor 1 expansion, a little more cheating partners missing. I’m a little disappointed story. Ale.celkového evaluate the very good.

  24. Has anyone encountered this problem?

    When Mario calls you in to have sex with that married bald guy, after you give him a bj you can have sex with him bit costs you 5 sex vibe bars.

    Well the thing is…I was at full 6 bars in my 2nd play through. The BJ is automatic and that takes away 2 Sex Vibe bars and you’re only left with 4, so how can you have sex with him if it costs 5?

  25. Good game but have to agree with all of the above. Eleanor has to be a total slut, not just a cheating wife. I expected Kevin, more blackmail, BDSM, gang bangs and MMMF along with more situational activities. Expansion needed. But good try. Thank you Leonizer.

  26. it’s a Great Game and a i love it. Eleanor looks so hot… but something bother me: FIRST: All scenes are out of windows, sometimes you cut Eleanor’s face and we can’t see her expressions while she’s been fucked, or statment’s words cover their faces or bodies. It’s real annoying. SECOND: It’s impossible decrease fidelity, even if she poledances or fucks every guy in Streap Club, she keeps being a “good wife”.
    I hope you fix it and add some scenes soon!! Congratulations guys, go on doing this games!!

    1. Agree with this and it was something I forgot to include. In addition to being overly complicated, the stat system takes up too much of the screen. There’s so much going on that it detracts from the sex scene and it blocks a lot of the action in the scenes.

      In addition, many of the scenes are very zoomed in (with an option too zoom in even further, which is also rather useless seeing as it doesn’t really zoom that much). You’re waaaay too close to the action in most of the scenes and though you can move the mouse around to view faces and such, it’s moot because you have to hold down a button to progress the scene, effectively fixating the scene.

      Letting us view the sex scenes from a greater distance, so we can see all the action would be a big improvement. And, as others have said, dirty talk would be much appreciated in some of the scenes.

      I’m not the biggest fan of the sex scene mechanics in this game. While it does a lot too show of the (extremely smooth) animation, I would prefer several angles and positions over the possibility to control the speed of the action. Also, the fact that the sex scenes are timed to you holding a button AND that you have to keep track of Eleanors stamina, takes attention away from the scene… it’s difficult to enjoy when you have to simultaneously hold the mouse in place and keep track of two decreasing/increasing bars… + all the stat texts on the screen.

      1. yes i agree with preety much everything you said here,it would be better that instead of zoom button there is option to change angle of the scene
        i don’t know how difficult it is but there should be more poses during sex
        these are my only complaints,i still have a lot to find in this game and i like it a lot,but truth is it can be improved even further

    2. “FIRST: All scenes are out of windows, sometimes you cut Eleanor’s face and we can’t see her expressions while she’s been fucked, or statment’s words cover their faces or bodies. It’s real annoying.”

      This is something I’ve been telling the LOP staff for a few games now. The centering on a lot of sex scenes are way off. For instance, the Don Mario anal scene. A third of the photo is dead space (floor and the bottom of the couch). You have to move the picture to the very top to see her face and even then the stats are obstructing parts of her, but due to the sex mechanics, it defaults back to the dead space window when you advance the sex bar. Listen, these graphics are top notch, but the sex scenes are being ruined (or at the very least, a distraction) because the artist simply does not take the stats at the top of the screen or the windowed editing into consideration. One of the sexiest parts of a sex scene is the look on the girls face and I feel like this such an easy fix, which is kinda frustrating.

  27. I had expected more from ELE2 since we wait almost 1 year, but the game is fine, nice graphics. It’s a pitty that the game dosen’t give you more choises , like more sex scenes with the itern for example, different positions, a threesome with the neighbours etc.
    Anyway good job.

    any1 got some tips about how to unlock sex scene with samantha after you meet her?

  28. I was really surprised.

    I’ve only played it all the way through twice, but I really enjoyed the mechanics. I’ve played and loved Eleanor 1. The story choices which lead to the endings of the first one were phenomenal and great for replay value.

    I saw some of the same potential here, but something seemed lacking. Another commenter brought it up as well, the scenes didn’t feel as sexual or as visceral. I think its because there is nothing really being shown. The 3 scene set-up of ELE1, scene intro, sex scene, cum shot, was satisfying and didn’t force the player to imagine or have to fill in the planks. I am not totally on board with the new mechanics for the sex scenes. I did enjoy the classic mouse drag for BJ scenes. And LWS seems more polished, again, perhaps due to the addition of multiple scenes, position changes and endings. There is a hint of this in ELE2, but it doesn’t come off the same.

    The story seemed fine to me, though Eleanor’s internal monologue didn’t appear to change based on her relationship to Drake. The story did move swiftly, and I was surprised when reaching the end. I expected more random events that didn’t require my prompting as a player, but I am left with the feeling that there is plenty to discover after 2 play-throughs. Which excites me.

    So enough with beating it up, I’ll share what I think it did right. I have to disagree with most of you, I liked the bars, and how they affected my actions. I would almost like to see a wine, energy drink, and aphrodisiac available in the store to purchase to fill individual stats for a cost. The inclusion makes the player think before performing actions, ensuring that no playthrough is the same if you want to experience different encounters.

    As everyone has mentioned, the visuals are just fantastic and really raise the bar, so keep that in mind as new things get created, we now hold you to a higher standard : )

    Lastly, the characters and dialog are well done. As an American I chuckled at the mention of “redundancies” since this is not a term used in reference to getting laid off. Not a critique, just made me smile.

    In conclusion, thank you guys for working so hard to bring this long awaited sequel to life. Great start out of the gate and if the mention of expansions are more than rumor, this will likely be the new hit of LOP. Playing them back to back could be very satisfying. Cheers!

  29. Is there a scene after you check Amelia’s purse (instead of doing the lesbian scene), then Mario pops up from behind and tells you to meet him in the office?

    Because I can’t seem to trigger it.

  30. Hey, great game Leo.
    But how do you get the threesome scenes? I have played through the game a couple of times and have had extremely high rated relationships with both Celeste and Amelia but cannot seem to get any of the threesome scenes. Someone help me out please!

    1. you can get a threesome with Celeste and Mario’s bodyguard at day 29/30. I don’t know exactly the conditions, but maybe if you give her gifts she’s allowed to invite you to this scene.

  31. I think that they should improve the characters of Amelia and James. What’s the point in giving James your number and then not fucking him like with Don Mario? Or for Amelia, why can’t Eleanor have sex with her ater archieving a high enough relationship? The same thing could be said of Celeste…I found only a few scenes with her but besides getting an erotic massage, there’s no other option to have sex with her…

  32. Yeah, I’m a little disappointed with this game.

    I’m not a fan of the stats in games, so I absolutely hated the addition of other three bars. I hated even more the sex vibe thing.

    The sex scenes were disappointing for me. I wanted to pursue the cheating wife path, it had so much potential, but failed to deliver it, as some people already pointed it out.

    I was really looking forward to seeing Kevin turning Eleanor into his fuckslut in this game. He had the best sex scene in Eleanor 1, imo, so I didn’t enjoy the fact that he didn’t fuck her in this sequel.

    I hope next week we’ll hear some good news about it, because, honestly, after Eleanor 2, I’m afraid to see how LwT 2 will follow (at least, the no status grindind in LwT 2 is a good thing).

    1. Go to the Pub and to the back alley. You will see a Cat there (not sure of the trigger) but when you see it, go to the store and buy cat food (can only buy 1 at a time) and feed the Cat.

      Eventually (5 times?) you will befriend the Cat which will unlock the achievement.

  33. after hours of trying i have still not found any Samantha scene other than the resturant (or ending 4) so i thought i´d give me thoughts/review of this game.

    Graphics = Excellent!
    Story = Pretty good, a bit of a repeat of the former game but then again which sequel is not. I thought the dialogue was very good.
    The sex scenes = Pretty good, could use some more variety in sex scenes like, just not one anal position but 2 or 3 in a sex scene.

    Stats = The stats (sex vibe and stamina) were a bit to much for my taste . The game would would probaly be better without them.

    This game/version is obviously NOT complete. Looking at the instagram pics, bonus pics and what Icezera said, there are more scenes or events that should be in the game (like the samantha scenes and I will try poke around in the save files) that are not.
    I´m very dissapointed about this and instead of giving it a 10/10 I can only give it 7.5/10.
    Eleanor 2 is very good game but it could have been better.
    I hope that the information for Eleanor 2 are about the missing content and that it will be released soon.

  34. Just wanted to say congratulations to the team on their efforts. Some obviously expected more after such a long wait, but I think it is very good as it is and offers great potential for expansion.

    Unlike some, I don’t mind the stats. They’re confusing at first, but I found that once I figured out how to keep them high it added to the challenge of the game.

    One way in which I think this is better than Ele1 is the change in the sex scene mechanics, especially for the blowjobs. I found these a bit tedious in Ele1 to be honest. That probably has something to do with the fact that they aren’t really my thing in real life either. Yes, I am male, and I appreciate that I’m probably in a minority here, but in Ele1 the BJs were difficult to avoid and required too much effort for too little return (IMO).

    That said, I can understand the criticisms from some about the lifelessness of some sex scenes – I think we have seen better action in other LOP games.

    Overall though a great game . For me the one essential to make a game worth paying for is that it must be replayable. That is the aspect that I thought LWS1 fell short on. This is much better and I expect that the expansion will be better too – if only because Eleanor is such a great character!

  35. Hi its me again, after play more, i got ending 7, see that’s what we are talking about, that gangbang ending should be on game as scene, that blackmailing that she is dressing there is what when will like to see in game. i can tell you what the most of here wants, eleanor go to the pub go to the bathroom see one guy and she fucks him, go to the park and suddenly a guy comes closer and she fucks him i can tell you one idea for the gangbang, eleanor meets james again he invite her to a football match, then when the game ends, eleanor try to find james and accidentally she gets to the team’s room and james sawr and he tells her to came in with all the team, she fucks them.(eleanor 1 when you read erotic novels she said “be around all those football players”. I have more ideas and i know many people aswell.

  36. I’ve done a bit of poking around and I have a very strong hunch (at least 90% sure) that people who cannot get into the photo studio are playing a pirated copy of the game.

    1. In response to this, most of the pirated copies advertised are actually some major viruses.
      A quick google and you see a lot of 298mb files. That file contains multiple rootkits, Trojans and a ton of malware/spyware/scareware. Do not download it, it will take hours to fix and if you don’t know how a fresh Windows install to correct.

      Malwarebytes, Avast, Revo Uninstaller can get rid of most.

      Don’t be fools, pay the subscription and save yourself the hassle of having your computer wrecked.

  37. great game Leo.
    The Rendering is really nice, the best if compared to your other recent games.
    though the sex scenes is lack something which is “changing sex position” but the animation is superb.

    Oh and I got a sugesstion, why not create a “Freeze Pleasure Meter” button during sex scene for the next expansion because it ends too fast and for you know reason.
    People who have played Eroge/ Japanese game especially from “Illusion” know what i mean.

      1. no, not that shit. thats shit ancient lol.
        i mean while during sex scene obviusly theres a meter showing how much pleasure gained. here what i suggest come to play.
        put a feature which “freeze” the meter during sex scene. it will stop the meter from increasing and decreasing even if you click the “Fast and Deep motion” or other.
        im sure you guys know what the function is for.

  38. First of all, thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this game. This stuff is not easy, and we appreciate how much effort you’ve put into it.

    That said, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t really enjoy it. It felt very robotic and not the genuine feel of the first game. The first game I played multiple times in a row, and many times overall. It was my favorite LOP game, so naturally I had very high hopes for this.

    This game just didn’t do it for me. There wasn’t much action/events, and most of the locations were pretty useless. There just wasn’t any meat to the story, and very limited encounters overall. Stats and interface and everything else can be tolerable, if the story is engaging and events/encounters are good.. but again it just felt robotic and I didn’t want to play it a 2nd time but I did just to experience other possibilities of choices.

    Because Eleanor is one of LOPs most popular games and characters, I agree that our expectations were probably way too high. But overall, I think this was an opportunity to capitalize on one of the most polarizing characters from all LOP games.. and it fell a bit short. Either way, I know this isn’t easy and is very time consuming, and alot of effort went into the game. So I atleast want to thank leo for giving us a sequel and always doing his best to make great games.

    I also suggest having a beta screening of games for certain users that sign up for it, to play a game in advance and help give valuable feedback on improvements and thoughts.

  39. great game leo and team.

    it true it could have more sex cenes but its ok considering a exp is on the way.

    just dind like does vibe bars that you and too fill and stats droping every day.

    still waiting for news of blind date 3d exp thats the game i realy want too see.

  40. I still can’t get ending 3

    I’ve remained professional (focus on work), had a -200 score with Amelia, never had sex with anyone and keep getting ending 2. When Amelia calls in day 25, i clicked on “focus on work”, she goes to the office, comes back, then Elenanor goes in and gives Drake a BJ (there isn’t an option to come out of this, it’s automatic)

    Then on the last few days I kept checking up in the office in the morning and nothing happens

    Any tips?

    1. I believe you need to be a slut, never talk or interact with drake except when you give him bj on day 25. Also don’t work at the office or do any cleaning at home, make money in the strip club, I got ending 3 that way.

      1. I tried that, couldn’t get it. I have to be missing something or doing something I shouldn’t be.

        I pretty much ignored everyone but The Don and paid enough attention to Celeste to unlock Simon but that’s about it.

        1. whats missing in that comment is what day and what time it will happen. after the bj on day 25, on the next day(s), enter your bedroom at 22:00 or after, eleanor will notice drake is late, then go to office.

  41. ELE 2 really had fantastic graphics but story needed to be more better . though didnt reach all the endings yet , but dont feel like repeating it like the last ELE . and seeing the comments of the other members this game also seems like just ‘so-so’ .

  42. Found the following glitches:

    -If you give Drake a shirt as a gift and then turn down his offer to go out for beers, the scene suddenly jumps to the bar and the night you meet kevin, then jumps to the bed sex scene between Eleanor and Drake and then jumps AGAIN to your trip to the park with simon (whether you’ve met him or not).

    – When you buy the fancy dress, the scene sometimes jump immediately to the sex scene between Eleanor and Drake involving the dress.

    – Sometimes, the sex scene with Celeste is skipped.

    – Sometimes, the photography sessions are skipped.

    – (I don’t know if this is a glitch, but I assume it is) The second time you are in the office with Drake and have the option to have sex with him or stay professional, even if you choose to stay professional, the blowjob scene still comes up after Drake calls in Amelia.

    OK, with all of these posts it sounds like I am really shitting on the game. But I don’t think it’s a bad game.

    I’d rate it a solid 6.5 out of 10… for comparison LwT and LwS without expansions were both a 9 (after the expansion both were a 10), Eleanor 1 (minus expansion) was an 8 (after the expansion it was a 9).

    It has some really cool elements and visually it’s f*ckin’ stunning. You’ve laid the groundwork for what could be a solid 10 if you pull of a good expansion.

    So, good work LOPteam. I know you worked hard for this one.

  43. Just want to reiterate how sexy and awesome the pictures are. Just on the strength of the pictures alone I want to replay this over and over. It’s just that the story and events could use some tweaking/updating to fit the standard of excellence set by the pictures.

  44. I’ll admit that I enjoyed the game … It wasn’t a bad game AT ALL!

    But i would be a liar if i said it wasn’t lacking something. I also felt the focus was a lot on Eleanor being ‘Drake’s’ and less of her being a ‘slut’, There was a lot more to do with Drake then with other characters is what I mean. Also the creation of all the new characters and how they were barely used. (especially that kid from Eleanor1 that grew up … forgot his name … Also the creation of his mother was pretty pointless unless I missed something! I was sure she was gonna be used a lot more.) I just feel the game isn’t completed to the way they wanted it to but because of the pressure they were receiving they released the game. I guarantee that before the time they do their next update they will be saying there will be an expansion.

    My personal opinion though is that they turn the page and create a new game with new characters. She had her run. Part 2 had improvements over Part 1 but overall It lacked what the game players loved from part 1.

    Expect the same for LWT2 Boys.

  45. Well, not too impressed with the game TBH. Pls don’t include a sex vibe bar to LWT 2. That alone killed my chance to have sex with Simon at the studio.

  46. Hey there guys, big fan, but a have a question. Recenly lost my PC so i cant really play. I still have my ipad air but games would just not load up. Wondering if it is just problem with me, or there is no support on these devices ? Thanks for any response 🙂

    1. In the summer months I’m away from my pc and my only access is through my iphone. I use the Puffin Browser to play LOP games and it works well. The only problem i could see is that you access the site on a separate OS and puffin streams it to your iOS device. Its the only way i have found to “run” flash on my iOS. So it could chew your data, but its a solution. They offer a free version if you want to test it yourself. Good luck!

  47. * when Eleanor 1 came out it was ( 8 out of 10 ) then after the expansion it became ( 10 out of 10) … so , Eleanor 2 for me is ( 7.5 out of 10 ) and the only way to fix this & make it ( 10 out of 10 ) is by having Eleanor 2 expansion and here is my suggestions for the expansion if there will be one :

    1 – first , we need more kevin & more kevin & more kevin : as kevin was one of the best characters at ELE 1 he is useless at ELE 2 … so , he can have a dirty sex with eleanor at his van and humiliate her by recording it and blackmail her after that to one of two storylines :
    – first he will force her to ask drake to accept him as a new employee at drake company then he will humiliate her by having sex with her at drake’s office when drake is out and another time he will force her to have sex with him at home on the same bed that she shares with her wimp husband , also he will ask her to threat amelia to have sex with him or eleanor will fire her maybe a threesome scene if eleanor – amelia relationship is high enough.
    – the second storyline is kevin blackmailing eleanor to regain his contract with don mario … so , he will have some fun with her at backstage of the strip club maybe he will invite an older disgusting friend to a private vip dane threesome at the club or at the ally behind the pub one night .
    – after that , at the last few days he may find paige the character from the first game that got him fired and he will have a threesome bdsm with her and eleanor as a revenge and punishment and he may also force paige new boyfriend to watch the action or they will have a sex on public and Bukkake scene .

    2 – second suggestion is : more samantha .. it is so obvious that samantha is the hottest new character at ELE2 but we do not see enough from her .. so i was hoping she will met eleanor earlier at the game maybe at the first 5 days and they will became best friends maybe start to sunbath topless together at the wharf or they can have a threesome with drake when eleanor relation with drake is high she will suggest that … also they may have some lesbian action at the spa and james – samantha’s son – will got caught spying (voyeurism) on them and eleanor suggest him to join the party … also maybe one day ele and samantha will have a gangbang at a girls night out .

    3 – this suggestion is not about character it is more about a place and a job .. the spa : eleanor should be able to work there as a regular job as the company and the strip club and she will earn money for it .. she will be wearing some hot costumes like a hot nurse or naughty cop costumes and she will give normal or special massage for men and women .. also her ex-boyfriend tony and a dozen of his friends may pay her a visit at the spa and she will give them a special gangbang treatment and they will trick her and pay her no money at the end and she will feel embarrassed to do that for free .

    – i will resume at a second comment so this comment will not be so long and sorry for my english cause it is not my first language .

    1. 4 – show do not tell is the first rule about storytelling but at the ferrari car ride scene they tell us what happend but we did not see the blowjob at the car so we need to see that and me be a sex scene on the car hood and they almost got caught doing it by homeless dude .. also the scene at the pub with ele and drake i was hoping that the dude who groped her ass and the woman that drake was staring at her boobs are actually a couple and eleanor will suggest they swing with each other so she will have sex withe the dude and drake will have sex with the woman in the red dress … also drake and ele may have a trip to a cabin at weekend at they will meet some old friends .

      5 – the intern samuel needs to have more scenes .. maybe the pictures that was taken by eleanor during there sex scene got leaked and samuel girlfriend will be so upset about what happend and will have a catfight hot scene then she will blackmail ele for a threesome punishment with her and samuel and the girlfriend .

      6 – some various suggestions : a sex scene with the bodyguard that eleanor will be forced to do it by don mario as a test for her and reward for his loyal bodyguard … also a lesbian photoshoot with amelia at simon studio and it could end up as a threesome .. also drake best man greg who caught eleanor at the porn film and threats her to tell drake at the first game and had sex with her instead he may this time caught eleanor again but this time at the stripclub and blackmail her this time to have sex withe him and give a private vip show to him and some of drake friends which will lead to a gangbang and dirty talking and humiliation … also james may ask eleanor a favor to have sex with his nerd fat virgin friend from college or to have sex with james bully so he will stop bullying him at college .

      – how and where did eleanor got her tattoo ? .. i hope we get the kinky hot details as a dream sequence .

      * note : i did not like the new sex scenes technique i hope they will use the old slow-medium-fast and the rising bar system which gives more availability to some dirty talking and multi positions of sex and changing between them …. and i liked the graphics , the music & sfx both are fabulous .

      * so what do you think guys about the ideas for the expansion and what do you suggest ?

      1. These are great ideas, especially the Kevin idea with him forcing himself to become an employee at Drake’s place and having sex escapades with her there, that’s a FANTASTIC idea.

        If this was a forum I’d rep you lol

        But yeah these are the stories that I had in my mind as well. Eleanor needs more and more.

        1. I forgot about the car scene but yeah, a scene where you can control Eleanor into giving you a BJ while driving the car, followed by a sex scene on top of the car (this would be when your stats are high) or something would be crazy.

  48. I seriously don’t understand people’s fascination with kevin. I’d rather not have him in any game. His role can easily be taken by any other character that represents dirty sex where Eleanor is being taken advantage of aka Don Mario.

    1. I’m right there with you. He’s well-written, but that’s about it. There’s nothing about him that I find interesting or appealing. I don’t focus on that much on males during the sex scenes, but I’d rather have Eleanor fuck somebody who’s good looking rather than somebody more reminiscent of a cave troll than a human… Besides, Don Mario pretty much takes over the role that Kevin had in the first game, so no need for him there either…

      1. Nemo, I think it comes down to a how Kevin was used to humiliate Ele. He is not a powerful, or wealthy, or handsome character, just manipulative and dirty. Not being musclebound or rich ironically, makes him more relatable to the players. He is a regular guy who got one over on Eleanor. This makes him a unique character to the story and he could then be used to out-smart Eleanor. You can out-smart him or be had by him.

        Not to mention, he was in the dating sim, so he may feel a little like canon for the ELE universe.

        1. I think there’s a lot of truth to what you say. But relatability is all relative. I personally relate far more to a character like Justin from LwT or the main character from LwB (whom I perceive as more of the “regular guy” than Kevin).

          But I get that tastes and who we relate to the most varies from person to person… But if I was a cynical man it would probably raise a couple of red flag in my head about the players relating mostly to Kevin: a sadistic, alcoholic, basement dwelling cave troll of a man who makes it his mission in life to see women suffer by going on an impotent powertrip against a junior employee… a powertrip that should be directed at his bosses… or his parents… or fate… or god… or himself… you know, whoever is to blame for his sorry life… Aah well, as I said: at least he is very well-written and a somewhat complex character 🙂

          1. I’ll say it for myself here. It’s not about “relating” to Keving, it’s about sex fetish. Just like there are more “normal” fetish such as threesome, facial, titjob, anal, there are “darker” fetish such as bdsm, adultery, blackmail, corruption of character, etc.

            Kevin, being the disgusting character that he is, was so much better than the one in Eleanor 2. He did his part so well in so many dark fetishes in the first game, that I, as someone who enjoy more dirty sex in adult games, was frustrated with him not having a sex scene in Eleanor 2.

            Kevin is a good representative of some darker fetishes. Blackmail, corruption of Eleanor, cheating… He was the one that had the best sex scenes, imo. So, it’s understadable that people that aren’t really into this kind of fetishes won’t like Kevin (I believe you aren’t a big fan of the most dark fetishes).

            Also, I believe Kevin was the character that better represented the cheating element of his scenes, because he was trying to make Eleanor suffer because of her cheating, which provided a really hot dialogue during the sex scenes, imo.

  49. Was anyone able to have sex with the politician ??
    I had both bars, “stamina” and sex vibe” at 6 before the scene,
    but i cannot choose the option to have sex with him because the sex vibe-meter decreases and then I am missing one bar of sex vibe.

  50. I’ve tried my fair share of both BDSM and rape-roleplay… and I’m a fan. Adultery is a turn-on but nothing more than a fantasy. Don’t know what you mean by “most dark fetishes”, but I draw the line at things like water-sports and straight up torture. It doesn’t really have anything to do with what I like or don’t like, he’s just not that interesting a character…

    As for Kevin representing those fetishes, I can see your point. But that could be, literally, any new character in the story taking over that aspect (again, Don Mario is a pretty obvious candidate) if written into it.

    But thanks for giving some insight 🙂

    1. Yeah, it could be any other character for those fetishes, but I think Don Mario failed miserably at it. Kevin was totally despicable as a person, which makes him even better for those scenes, imo.

      Don Mario failed at it maybe because the sex scenes didn’t have interesting dialogues like there were in the first game between Kevin and Eleanor.

      But, well, this matter is totally subjective. There are characters that I will like while you won’t, and vise versa, which is totally okay.

      1. I think this exchange of views underlines that Kevin is a character who you either love or you hate – the implication of this is that his scene(s) in the expansion should be ones that those of us who don’t like him can easily avoid.

  51. Really good game, i love it.
    At the first time i was able to visit the stripclub, but the next games i wasnt able to unlock the stripclub.
    Does anyone had an idea how to unlock the stripclub ?

  52. Hey Leo, great work. But I just want to ask you what would I need to do to play it on Android? I have one plus one, and it’s powerful enough to play heavy flash games. It’s only due to the lack of work from Adobe that they stopped the Android version of flash, and that’s why we cannot enjoy your games on Android. The handset is a powerful one, but it keeps crashing as soon as both the animations load. Please tell me is there any way to play it on my phone?

  53. The Biggest problem I have with this game is the terrible UI.

    As someone already mentioned – too many stats, which wouldnt be a problem, if thats how you want your games to be(not ideal, but..), thing is, that its covering a unacceptable part of the screen.

    In LwT the UI was ideal -the image – render was clean, visible, having only “action” text prompts on screen. And all the stats were placed outside of the rendered image – thus creating a much better effect overal. Having that red border line helped a lot.

    If you want to have stats overlay with your renders, you must make the renders, so that in any scene the character heads wont even be visible, as they are hidden behind a wall of (sorry to say) useles text.

    Unfortunately I have a feeling, like I just saw a lot of floor(wasted space!), shoes and legs, missing a good upper part of the charcters body, with the way you made your images.

    I really hope LwT will not have this UI style and it will stick to the original(why fix somehting, that was perfectly fine to begin with?)

    Love your work, just dont understand why when you make such great leaps in quality you “knock” it off with such simple thing youve already done well in the past.

    1. Sorry to ask a dumb question, but what does UI stand for? I think I understand your criticism, but it would help if I could also understand the acronym 🙂

      1. Ive tried replying to your post couple times now, does the site prohibit messages with external links inserted ? 😀

        UI stands for user-interface, but now that I actually thought about it(not a native englsih spearke,r sorry).

        The term UI, is not exactly appropiate.. but what I meant by it were the various “stats” on screen. I hope the screens come through, or I will just give up already 😀

        Not so bad-not good either – the “UI” section is pushed to area outside the render/image.

        How Ele2 feels like sometimes.

        This would do it for me 🙂 ala Lwt

        1. A close parable would be your average IDentification card photo(or selfie 😛 ).

          You shouldn’t use a photo, that would end right above your eyes.. neither one that would cut-off just over your hair.

          There has to be that a compulsory space between the “head” and the Picture frame for it to pass/look good.

          In our game – the scenes were made to fit the characters exactly. Theres no room, or not much room, above their heads and when you put the “UI” right on that image it gets in the way

          (cause.. well human eyes go for the head, see none – you see text, you look down and you see alot of room, making you wonder what the hell 😛 )

          Doesnt help, that the scenes were all “zoomed” in, I think in future games it may be better to “back off”a little ..and maybe do close ups scens in between(like in previous Ele e.g.).

          But even the really close-up images would look better(imo), if the UI/stats were placed, situated above the render/scene, not coliding with it.

          Anyways, hope I cleared my previous wall of text from before 🙂

  54. 1st part of eleanor was outstanding. But the second part has got some problems. for example some scenes and images are missing & the game is hanging too. So what can i do to play eleanor 2 without any problem. Please reply.

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