Blind date 3d – work in progress

We just want you to know that we’re still working on the update to our first 3d game – Blind Date 3d.

This huge update will include:

– awesome improvement in visual department – remodeled characters with much more details, better animations and more natural face and body expressions together with redesigned interiors with better textures and special effects,
– additional plot lines leading to new sex scenes + small modifications to existing scenes,
– dress characters in new clothes – it’s up to you what they will wear during this date,
– remodeled sex scenes – right now much interactive and visually appealing,

and more.

Below you’ll find some images of our lightning tests.








22 thoughts on “Blind date 3d – work in progress”

  1. That’s awesome. Blind Date 3d has one of the best sex scenes in all of your games when he fucks her right in front of her drunk husband. Visuals look great. I hope you work a little on the expressions on their faces. In the original their faces look a little bland. Great game though and looks like it will be a great update.

  2. Well…it took a while, but I managed all combinations of graphics display to no avail. All characters appear to have pixelated hair that randomly appears. Kinda spoils the fun. Can anyone suggest something I haven’t tried? I LOVE the game and look forward to the update.

    1. I think they’re just showing us the lighting for game and haven’t set the faces to show expression yet, i would imagine the faces in the actual game will have a lot more expression and emotion. And i can’t wait to play it

  3. Awesome news! From experience, I know that working on 3D is a bitch, so kudos to you for keeping at it.

    Dress-up characters is a great idea, I always thought it’d have been hotter if Olivia was wearing an elegant sort of dress for the party, so now that’s possible.

    I guess the point about expressions is valid. Having characters put on appropriate expressions for their activities would elevate it far above virtual doll territory.

    Also hope the animations have a nice weight to them, especially at higher intensity levels. Nothing hotter than seeing a character getting really hammered when the crescendo hits.

    All the best with the project. Let’s hope my new GPU arrives by the time this one is out.

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