CVR: Madame Miranda and Teri

Yes! Today we’ve launched an expansion to our Club Velvet Rose game. TEST

New expansion includes:

  • 140 images & 18 animations
  • more characters – dominating Miranda and Teri with Bryan
  • amazing and very long sex sessions with new comers
  • upgraded scenes with already meet characters
  • 3 new endings

Is your wife prepared to be dominated by Madame Miranda?
Experience real BDSM session with handcuffs and gags.

Willing to fuck your sexy co-worker together with her partner?
Oil your dick and take her both holes in the same time.

Call Miranda “Madame” her: CVR expansion –

76 thoughts on “CVR: Madame Miranda and Teri”

  1. Great update very hot!

    but I found 2 bugs
    The 1st game crashing if we agreed Che in the toilet and ask to Teri if can help with Veronica
    The 2nd is minor but the 1st scene with Miranda is played 2 times

    1. have to change subject when they ask bryan about what happen last time, then leave wife with bartender and let teri suck your cock then ask to be third wheel. tell them your good to go and boom

    1. Words from iksanabot
      “Hi all,
      I’m working very hard on the LWT2 expansion script and it’s almost written. I’m exhausted. So far I’ve written 11 new sex scenes. I’m adding character development, and new days, and God, I’m just adding so much to try and correct the major flaws people identified. Again, I’m exhausted. Remember, I have a demanding full time job, as well as three children, so fitting in this kind of writing is very, very, very hard.

      Once the script is done, it will be several months after that before the rendering is done and an alpha version can be built. So please be patient. I will post more details once I have sent the completed script to Leo (It will be sometime in the next ten days). Do not expect the complete game to be released in 2017, though of course, once I’m done writing, the timing all depends on Leo and YamYoda.


  2. hey guys can i get some help running it on mac.swf doesnt work eoth the browsers marks it as harmful content firefox and safari just stay on white screens

  3. Well been reading messages can’t wait to get home to play. Thanks D had faith the month of Sept would be good. Way to start off right. Looking forward to what’s up next, hope you sneak in our favorite girl Eleanor….. 🙂

    1. @Cole

      As I stated before, she has been in talks and meetings, but I can not comment at this present time on any projects that have not been announced by Leo. Last time I did that, it got me in hot water in the company as well as the many infamous frying pan incidents. So keep your ear to the ground is all I can say on the subject.

    1. @2mong

      It’s not bugged, I assure you. It can be achieved but you have to do something specific during Zara’s intro and something immediately after meeting her. I will say no more! 😉

  4. There is a bug after you speak to che in bathroom, and ask teri and bryan for help with veronica. The games freezes, is there a different scene with this than the one if you ask for zaras help?

  5. Just wondering because it seems alluded to in the game, is there a way to get Veronica and Bryan together? Otherwise: are we able to fuck Zara? Also how do we progress with Teri alone? Thanks!

  6. Good job. I wasn’t keen on the original. Story lines, personalities all pretty much were unappealing for me. With the add on all this issues nicely solved. I like all 3 new endings. Game offers now much wider range of play styles. I can see how it was heard the voice of the forum. Well done one more time.

  7. I think this game’s pretty amazing. I threw my laptop at the wall when I forgot to “ask Veronica to stay” somewhere for the fifteenth time. Otherwise fun to play though. All of the girls are smokin’ hot. Story sucks you in. Good variety of sex scenes without a whole lot of fuss in between. My chief complaint is the same as with the original, that it seems like the game doesn’t want you to be able to follow too many storylines at the same time. Oh well. Teri is hot as fuck and more than makes up for it.

    There’s some artwork on the login page that has Alex making out with Veronica on stage during the pole dance. Reading the dialogue it makes it sound like you need Veronica to have an experience with another woman before she’ll go further here. Haven’t been able to get it yet. I’m probably missing something stupidly simple, but has anyone gotten this scene yet?

    1. you just need to have veronica’s mood high befoe you get on stage. talk to everyone possible like miranda, zara, teri & bryan and get as many positive points towards her mood bar before you do the dance. and dont skip the intro, that plus 1 point for saying she looks stunning counts as well

    2. @Yissl

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, unlike date games where the game allows for further story branches, I wanted to still focus on the one night and for the endings to show the aftermath of that one night (seeing the choices and consequences of that night if you will.) I’m glad you like the little office minx (aka Teri). She was a hoot to write!

  8. Dear all & Sir Leonizer,

    Just to inform you all about a minor bug scene in the toilet after getting blackmailed by Che.

    Cannot convince Veronica to have sex with Che after the toilet blackmailed scene.

    After the scene where Veronica make out with Zara and also talking to Che, whereby after completion of the sex scene between me and Alex while Che is filming the whole sex scene.

    By agreeing with Che that he could have sex with Veronica after getting blackmailed by him, also after requesting Veronica to have sex with Che, the $1000 dollar alcoholic drink option or button is missing, and it did not appear at the bar where Tyron is. This is where the minor bug scene appeared and should be fixed.

    Without the $1000 alcohol drink, there is no way we could get either Veronica to have sex with Che or to have a foursome sex with Veronica, Che, and Alex.

    As I notice in the 1st and old Club Velvet Rose 0.96 game version, the $1000 drink option or button would appear in the bar where Tyron is standing after getting the blackmailed scene from Che in the toilet.

    Thank you Sir Leonizer for creating an expansion for Club Velvet Rose game Version 2.0. It makes my rod really rock hard as steel.

  9. Well, I wish to request for 2 more games in the future from you Sir Leonizer.

    Either create an expansion set game for Eleanor 2 game, or maybe have an Eleanor 3 game in future. I shall suggest that in the next Eleanor 2 or 3 game, this time Kevin shall be appointed as the main character in the next Eleanor game, where by this time, it would be a payback or revenge for Kevin on Eleanor the slutty woman of all LOP games. As for Eleanor 2 game, the revenge blackmail sex scene between Kevin and Eleanor in the abandoned house was to mild, little, and short. Extra or more blackmailed sex scenes should be added between Kevin and also the Mobster Mario character.

    Kevin and Mario team up together to blackmail Eleanor to have sex with them, maybe to include a threesome sex scene between Mario and Kevin with Eleanor in the night club, or in the pub back alley, maybe having public sex in the park or the dockyard would be also a great idea too.

    Could also suggest that after Eleanor gets blackmailed by Mario and Kevin to have a threesome sex, Mario or Kevin would threaten Eleanor to contact Samantha to have sex with her too resulting in a foursome sex in a place either indoor or outdoor sex.

    Include some gang bang sex scene would be also great in the next or new Eleanor game with Eleanor and Samantha being gang banged sex by a few guys as revenge.

    2nd new game suggestion would be with Alexander from Club Velvet Rose, Che wife. As Alexander did mention in Club Velvet Rose game that Che is a useless guy that only love to bang on hot and sexy women, other than that he is not a romantic or caring type of guy.

    So this new future Alexander game from Club Velvet Rose should focus on her cheating on Che and eventually she would file a divorce from Che and move on a new relationship maybe as a single woman after divorce or get married with another guy she met who is better than Che, more romantic, caring and a gentleman towards Alexander compared to that sex crazed Che. After marriage with another guy it would result in the game ending where it shows that Alexander is pregnant with her new husband’s child.

    Thank you and hopefully this new ideas being suggested would contribute to some new games in the future by including some of my suggestions. Anyway these are just some suggestions ahead only.

  10. So finally the expansion is out, i have to say that is great, good characters and story, definitely one of my favorite games of LOP but as @eleanorlove says, your games are dont run on mac anymore not even with the upgrades of flash to chorme or safari.

    And about the game in general i think that this expasion could have been better, i `m not saying that it`s bad, i just say that it could have best scenes like why we can`t swing with all the couples? i mean it could be great that we could see a scenes with (Teri/Bryan/Veronica/James) or (Che,Alexandra/James/Veronica) in a foursome, like we do with Natasha and Felix or why not? an orgy like in Roomates.

    Hope your answer Daman.

    1. @WatsonCrick

      “your games are dont run on mac anymore”

      Strange because it runs well on mine using FireFox using Adobe Flash plugin. Try that and get back to me.

  11. I can get only 3 endings. I can’t get old ones too! I can get bartender & Veronica , group with felix and his wife , also can leave. I can’t get any 🙁
    When I told Veronica go with Zara nothing is happening.. Please somebody explain me step by step pls!!!!

  12. finally found some time to play it and so far i’m enjoying the expansion
    i went through bryan/teri path and it is very well done,loved it a lot,i love how you presented teri’s excitement for james and everything that happened after,it is something i love to see in your games since it doesn’t happens in reality 😀
    also got scene with zara,i loved her from beginning and i’m glad we got more time with her
    as i said i’m loving the expansion so far,i’ll try to finish the game tomorrow to see everything that’s left but i’m sure i’m gonna like it

  13. This expansion is really good! I love how Miranda controls Veronica. Teri’s character is also very interesting.

    I have a doubt: after Veronica kissed Alex during the lap dance we go back to the table and there is a chance to ask Veronica: “Ask Veronica about kissing Alexandra” but nothing happens. Have I lost something?

    This expansion seems to be a good continuation at the first CVR exit. Will there be any chance of seeing CVR in the future? In my opinion there are many other doors to open in CVR …..

  14. what format all you need its normal text document?
    Although one guy made it with picture what choice in which moment! But no need to hurry do it when you are available we really appreaciate you work tnx!

    1. @slayer

      Actaully it’s different than others. Most of the walkthroughs I make for the site are outlines with all the mechanics of the game. I am trying to figure out the best way to present it in a full, clear way.

  15. now I’ve got all achivements and endings but I have to ask how can we get bj from alex ? You shared photo with us about bj. well when we saw alex in toilet nothing is happening she is just talking about ..

    1. @cutecucumber

      Seeing as it has been out for a while, I’ll spill the beans.

      -First off you need to have sex with Alex first before anything else.
      -Next talk to Zara and get her drink order and get her drink from the bar.
      -Have your wife occupied at the bar by the bartender.
      -Give Zara the drink and let the scene play out. Once in the bathroom, do not hide. Enjoy!

        1. @cutecucumber

          Get your wife to kiss Zara and then confront Che and accept his offer to have sex with Alex. Afterwards, get your wife interested in Tayron. Then follow what I said earlier and you should be golden.

          1. I got a question, I’m I reading this right? – dominating Miranda and Teri with Bryan. Does this mean there’s a scene where I can dominate Miranda and Terry with Bryan or are they separate scenes?

  16. Am I the only one getting this bug? Is it even a bug?

    During Pole dance 2 different animations are supposed to play, right? One with bra on and the other with bra off, right? right? But I only get animation with bra on, twice! It’s a bug, right? I got a feeling in my gut that it is! It’s gotta be! I hoped it’d be fixed in the expansion… oh well… next version then, hopefully.

  17. Just got back from the holidays and found CVR exp. Like are u kidding me?
    It’s awesome guys. Great job. Really top notch writing Daman with Miranda and Teri. And super hot scenes with Zara too. And ItMakesMeBlush never fails. Such a great exp.

  18. Just got back from the holidays and found CVR exp. Like are u kidding me?
    It’s awesome guys. Great job. Really top notch writing Daman with Miranda and Teri. And super hot scenes with Zara too. And ItMakesMeBlush never fails. Such a great exp!

  19. How do you get the threesome with Miranda?

    I have veronica all the way up in mood, met with Miranda and got the 3-star scene, agreed to her plan, brought Veronica back and asked about bdsm…bit no matter what order I try she always says no. Is there some special other random task that needs to be completed first?

    I wish this game was a little more clear. All the secret tasks make little to no sense in how they unlock other scenes.

    1. Nevermind, figured it out. There’s a strange bug where you have to repeat the Miranda 1-on-1 scene twice, then you can ask for her plan again. That unlocks a new dialog that lets you continue.

    1. To elaborate: The main characters wife has no respect for him, which makes her less attractive. A well put together game, but just a bit too much cuckoldry for my tastes.

      Hopefully the expac gives the protagonist some wins

  20. I’ve got all endings and achievements . Thanks for help Daman ! You are such a nice guy. Well May I ask its gonna be more wife games or not ? well these days I can’t see .. I love playing wife games ..

  21. Too bad there is NO dirty old fat mothaf*ucka to fuck Veronica who’s the sexiest woman in LOP history such as Kevin in Eleanore.
    He could have been your boss, could have blackmailed you or her…
    Because all women in here are almost the same thing, he would have been different from the other guys.

    1. @Delabatte

      It was considered, and out of the entire place it was Felix ho was considered the old ugly guy (no offense Felix!) But this is a very exclusive club where they are a bit bias on your looks and not just all about the money. If you ever go to a normal swingers club in real life, they have no shortage of older, heavier set men who just pay extra in hopes to be picked (and many times it is a sausage fest at those things!) But if you go to the more “upper class” ones, they will screen applicants and judge on looks instead of how much bank you are rolling in. So we tried to make this game as real as it would be in terms of the application process, but as I said, we considered it.

      1. Thanks for your answer Daman.
        Well I know you did an extremely good job with this game, I really liked it. But I don’t think you are entirely right concerning and bank account (for exemple the well-known Strauss-Kahn thing, I’m french maybe that’s why I know that) and it could have been a really rich and ugly old guy in it ! Felix is a nice character on his own.
        Well that’s a shame to my opinion because this game could have been perfect !
        Anyway you don’t consider any translations?

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