Faith is ready!

Today we’ve released our latest LOPGOLD.COM game called Serbian Casino. Once again it’s a dating sim with very interesting theme.

The day Christian bent his knee to Faith and asked her to be with him for the rest of his life, she didn’t hesitate to take him up on his offer and become Mr. and Mrs. Christian Louise Grant.

Faith basked in her new future even as she began to picture it all: first, they would get a nice apartment in the city as they continued to work; then, a beautiful house in a lovely suburban cul-de-sac, where maybe a kid or two would end up joining them – perhaps even a small dog. Christian planned much the same thing, but, before all that, he had one little surprise for his new blushing bride.

He took Faith to Paris so she could fill their new home with designer dresses and perfumes, and, seeing her elation, decided to prolong their journey. Faith felt like a princess as she got the European royal treatment: she aged balsamic vinegar in Italy, filled up on lager in Germany… and chocolate in Belgium. They kept pushing east through Europe until they wound up in a luxurious casino in Serbia.

There, Christian decided to use his paycheck to enter a poker tournament. Faith just watched as time ticked away and, as the early night turned late, she saw her husband’s chip pile wax and wane… but wane much more with each passing hour. After each loss, Christian’s cool demeanor slowly gave way to an infuriated man that awoke an incipient fear in Faith – a fear that grew when he started yelling at everyone. It came as no surprise when armed security took them to the manager.

The man behind the table looked nothing like a casino owner, instead seeming part of the cast of a mafia movie. Intimidated, Christian apologized to him for his behavior and asked for a credit line so he could win his money back. Faith wasn’t even sure what that actually meant, but the manager acceded and Christian was able to continue gambling… only to lose everything once again.

Now the situation is dire: Faith is being held as a hostage by the local mobster while Christian is allowed to get back to the States to gather the money to pay off his debt – and he only has 30 days to manage that.

Play as Faith and discover what it means to be a hostage in a Serbian mansion. Will she survive? Find a new love? Become a sex-slave? And are you brave enough to experience her story?

There are a lot of temptations awaiting you in the mansion
Are you going to stay faithful to your husband?

As you will find out, Bogdan is a very charismatic criminal
Ask yourself if you’re strong enough to defy him

Being surrounded by strangers for 30 days won’t be easy
Are you going to find a soulmate there?

You’re a beautiful woman who knows how to flirt
Are you going to use that to your advantage?

Intriguing story and vivid characters
Dating sim with mild stat and relationship building
Non-linear choices and 9 endings to achieve
46 alluring sex animations, with 30 frames each

We’ve spend hours on optimalization cause we wanted to deliver the best possible game experience in your browser – we’re caching a little more image at the beginning and thanks to that everything should be much smother later. However if you experience any issues please let us know by this form: LOP GOLD contact form

Join Faith here: SERBIAN CASINO –

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  1. All it says is:
    An exception has occurred, but exception handling has been disabled in this build. If you are the developer of this content, enable exceptions in your project WebGL player settings to be able to catch the exception or see the stack trace.

  2. We’re aware about this issue (probably caused by last moment changes in server configuration) – we’re working super fast to fix that issue ASAP. Sorry for that inconvenience.

    UPDATE 01: We’ve found the problem – we’re uploading fixed version to the server right now.

    UPDATE 02: New files are on-line. We’ve tested all scenes that got issues and now we haven’t got any problems.
    IMPORTANT: Please clear your cache before you come back to the game.

    1. Cool, great work on the quick response guys. I checked the first scene where I encountered an issue and it worked fine, I’ll check it out again when I get home tonight.

    1. @FallenKnight1

      Not to worry my friend. We have some in the works with details to come. We have games for all playing types! 🙂 But thank you for your feedback, as always!

  3. Nice work on this game folks! I did have the exception problem a few times but simply reloaded and continued from whatever day I was on. Sounds like you may have fixed that now anyway. A little disappointed that I flubbed my interaction with Zlatan and was never able to progress with him even though I got up to like 170. Got ending 3B and will try again later with some different tactics to hopefully open up some different situations. Great job!

  4. Could you please specify why? If you got any problems please let us know via the contact form. For our knowledge right now all reported issues have been fixed.

    1. I too am finding it quite unplayable although I’m persisting. I’m getting exceptions simply by randomly looking through different rooms while I search for things to do. I could report them all but as they mostly occur during simple transitions I’m not sure it would be particularly useful

    1. I think you don’t join in the pool side fun where you get filmed. He’ll ask you to entertain the client but won’t blackmail you with video. Refuse to do it and you can ask the girl(I forget her name) how you can make him happy or make it up to him. You get option in your room to put on lingerie and visit his room

  5. We’re aware about those issues – to many connections in the same time. Our admin and programmer are trying to find a solution for that.

    EDIT: It should be better now. Please accept our apologies for those inconvenience.

  6. Great game guys! Thanks for the quick fixes.

    Anyone get the Zlatan/Dragan scene yet? Or at least any hints? Been playing since release but that one is evading me.

  7. With the game release we’ve experienced increased traffic which caused server issues impacting the game experience. We would like to thank you for received feedback – thanks to that were able to isolate the problem and fix it. Both on server and application side.

    We strongly believe that we got that problems behind us – for many hours we didn’t receive any bug report and everything looks great in our server logs. However if you find something that might be called as a bug please feel free to contact us:

    Please accept our sincere apologies for this bumpy start . We’re very greatful for you patience as well.

    Now, to focus more on the gameplay and characters, I’ve just cleared the board from bug reports and I want to invite you to share your feelings about Faith’s adventures in Bogdan’s villa.

  8. got ending 7 and 5,the one she choose to live with jelena great so far for me love jelena she,s so hot and kinky and faith also great,thanks love this game even more

    1. @paling1234

      Glad you think so. To me Jelena was a fun character to write. I kinda have a thing for writing great strong-willed female characters (Jelena, Barbara, Madam Miranda, Slut-Foot Sue, etc). It kinda is my favorite character style to write about. I’m happy you liked it!

  9. Finished my first playthrough, time for the feedback:
    -The villa is beautiful, backgrounds are nicely done.
    -I loved all characters, very well done, the only one who didn’t catch my interrest is the bodygard but not a big deal.
    -Faith is stunning and I like playing her. I don’t mind having a female protagonist but with that story I think playing as Bogdan could have been much fun and interesting.
    -Thanks for fixing the bugs quickly, it works fine now. There’s still a pics in the intro which doesn’t match, it’s when faith is on the bed she wears the lingerie then when the other girl knock at the door she’s naked and wearing the lingerie again right after.
    -With Zlatan I choose his side but didn’t succeed with the sex and didn’t had any other scene with him. And it feels weird when you keep upgrading the relationship and nothing happen.
    -I did Jelena path and loved the whole story and ending.
    -Even when you’ve a very high score and had plenty of sex with peoples they never rejoin you the night in your room?

    Servian Casino is not flawless but don’t get me wrong I like it so far and will try to get a few more endings.

    1. @Freddo

      Thanks for taking the time to not only play the game but to give us feedback on it. I’d like to respond, if I may.

      All credit for the background goes to Szuga as always, the best way of setting up a story always goes through Szuga!

      I’m both happy you loved all the character, but a bit sad about not liking Viktor. He made me laugh when writing his story and dialogue (he speaks with a broken English accent with a tone of Russian, which is why he speaks that way. Give it a try and I think it may make you smile a bit).

      I happy you enjoyed taking on the role of a female lead. But with Bogdan’s character and aspect, I don’t think much could be done in a gameplay perspective. He really only has Senka with him and not really anyone else as he’s more business and less pleasure, if you catch my drift. But fear not, I have something in the works that you might like later on! 😉

      Glad you stayed with us through the whole battle of the bugs fiasco! Hope it helps make playing a bit more enjoyable without constantly reloading the game. There is no bug, just story elements I think for the intro pics.

      I didn’t want to simply kill off relationships if you choose not to have them. You can still interact and be friends even if you or not romantically attracted to one another, right? Hope that’s cool.

      Happy you liked Jelena! 🙂

      The idea of sleeping with Bogdan was an early idea, but then he would be the only one as Senka and Zlatan commute to the villa and not sped the night there.

      Phew, that was a lot, but also insightful! Thanks for taking the time and keep playing!


    1. No, such scene only takes place in our fantasy – not in a game. To check if you get all possible animations with a specific character just visit dedicated section in the ANIMATION GALLERY.

    2. @Lya1983

      Comment noted and idea is hot. But alas there is no lesbian threesome scenes in this game (as hot and as much as I want there to be!) But never say never, I say! 😉

      1. For real? I’m kinda confused as to why you can build his stats then. No lie, I had his relationship up to 100 the first time I played. Maybe for the next stat building game code a hard cap on them once max level is achieved so players don’t spend any more time on someone (or any physical stat for that matter) than they have to?

  10. Another masterpiece of the LOP team. What to say ? addictive, enjoyable, beautiful.
    The characters are all endearing, the story is original, the graphics are realistic and colorful.
    the game is super playable and the choices are gigantic. I enjoy discovering this game.
    I already imagine a similar game for Eleanor but larger.
    Excellent work LOP artists

  11. Great game. Really enjoyed it.
    Still need to get endings 1, 2, 3A, 6 and 8.
    Unlocked all animations but Senka on the pool deck. Anyone have any tips for these endings or that animation?

    1. @brapanties91

      Glad you liked it and that you are racking up the endings and animations. But alas, I can not help you as it would ruin the experience of discovery! But I’m sure someone here can help you if they are brave and wise enough! 🙂

  12. oke ending 8 ,you must refuse the man in the casino from having sex,then you talk with senka for any tips to make it up with zlatan,so then in your room you get the chamde the next day too put on sexy lingerie and go too zlatans room
    ending 5 is on day 29 you go too the room where you can meet the boy and senka, you will meet the jelena by here pool and accept here propasal ,too be with here then its done

  13. for ending 5 you must have sex with jelena before,ending 3 is when the boy ask you too go away with him on the run you must have sex with him before and choose him on the beach don,t go with zlatan and senka stay with the boy ,from now on there will be another scene later on about day 27,28,29 ,so keep your focus on him that,s it

    1. Its during 2200, when Bogdan and Senka are in the office. Keep flirting with Bogdan and Senka, and on one time with Bogdan it will initiate. Should need high level though…

  14. Has anyone else encountered a problem that the game does not load at all? Deleting cache memory of course negates everything which means that your endings are swiped out and cheats as well. Solutions for this?

    1. @Dries12

      A perfect question for our support group. Scroll up and click on the contact forum (towards the bottom after the images) and send a notice their way. I’m sure they can answer all your tech needs. I would also suggest putting in the browser you are using along with what type of computer you are operating as well! Hope we can solve it for you!

  15. Does anyone know how to get the animation with Senka on the pool deck? That is the only one that I am not sure how to get. Right I am working on getting more endings (so far I have 1, 5, and 7).
    Fun game. I have to say that the Senka and Faith animations are the best I have seen so far. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store.

    1. In day 4 or 5 maybe when you heard noise keep investing and then continue to watch 2 or 3 days later when you go near the pool in the worning it will trigger and you need to participate not only watch.

      Do you have any tips for ending 1 please?


      1. Thanks. I will try that my next time through.

        For ending one I made earned Bogdan’s trust after not having sex with Marius, turned down Jelena’s, and then turn down Bogdan’s offer to stay with him. It was my first time through so I am hoping I am not missing a key decision.

  16. I am enjoying discovering the game but have a couple of questions that someone may be able to answer. First, is there any purpose at all in raising your relationship points with Viktor? I can’t see one, but maybe I’m missing something. Second, it seems that drinking wine by yourself (at the pool or in the pantry) has no effect other than to waste time, but is this right?

    1. Victor is only important if you want to get Ending 6 (Zlatan good Ending)

      I got 8 of 9 endings and never got any scene that was triggert by drinking wine. I think it´s only a time killer.

      Can anybody give me a hint how to get Senka Pool deck animation?
      And how you get ending 9?

  17. Hellooooooo Community!

    It’s been a good while and I’m sorry, I’ve been hard at work here at the office. Normally I would be all over the forum talking to players about games I worked on, but alas I’ve been tied down (and in the fun way 😉 ) and have been staying away from the forum to avoid temptations. But luckily for me, I’m free of my binds for a while and no longer gagged so I can talk to you all. (I hope these bondage puns are not too much for you all.)

    First off, I hope you all love “Serbian Casino” as it was the biggest undertaking I have had to date. Took me forever to get the writing done and Leo himself said that it was a pain to program all my texts in (sorry again for that boss!). But from the looks of it, everyone here seems to have enjoyed it and is working hard to find all the little secrets, endings and all around goodness sprinkled throughout the game! All I can say is happy hunting to you all!

    The other thing I wanted to mention was the reason why this game took so long to make. I wanted to try something crazy and even a bit insane depending on who you ask, but I chose this game to implement a new narrative style that has been missing from other games. You see, similar to how “Call Girl Denise” actions where if you do it twice you will get a different narration, I chose to do the same in some ways to “Serbian Casino” in terms of actions. See there are different dialogues not only when you talk to other members of the house, but also doing actions with them and sex scenes too. All of it around two factors; your slut/faithfulness level and if you have had sex with that person before. So for almost every interaction with a person, there are up to FOUR different dialogues. Was it necessary? You tell me. I would have no trouble doing it again if people liked it, but please tell me your opinions on it as you play through it and tell me if you would like to see more of this in other games or if you could do without it. I love feedback guys, please let me know!

    As for news on other games (one that I will not say so this forum topic will not be taken over) I will save my updates for later and Leo will tell you guys more about it in a while.

    Love you all and I hope you are all having a wonderful new year!


    1. I really noticed that the same action with characters produced different results- it’s a great idea, Daman, as it makes me actually want to pay more attention to what is going on when working on stats.

      It’s also more of a reward to push to get a scene, because you don’t know what else it might affect in the game. Great work!

    2. I like that evolutive narration, now does it worth the wait? Well it’s hard to tell as I don’t know how much developpement time it costs but I will answer yes as I like polished games better than rushed obviously. I’m far from having done all the already available content so don’t mind the wait.

  18. Played it today for the third time trying to figure out how to get somewhere with Faith and muscle guy. Did not have any luck but when I got to day 30 I got a popup saying the game was out of memory and if you are the developer……some mumbo jumbo. Anyone else have this challenge?

  19. hello again daman,i love this game very much,great animations good story,and faith jelena and senka ,are great love the scene,in the shower with bogdan and senka ,you did a great job,i am playing this one for the 6 time,i love jelena so much ,you did a great job ,this woman is so dominant ,love the two scenes with here it,s just wow
    thanks for this game its stunning and great good ,jelena and faith are my favorite caracters just wow ,storyline is great ,a bit sad is there is nu line with the bodygard ,but great game

    1. Ending 1: good ending husband.
      Good relation with Bogdan 50+ and ask him in his office several times about payment. Make a phone call with husband before day 15 and tell him you love him. At the end leave Bogdan when he is asking to stay.

      Ending 2A: good ending Bogdan, Love Ending.
      same as ending 1 but say yes to Bogdan to stay at the end.

      Ending 3A : submission Ending Bogdan

      Ending 4: bad ending: just stay in bed all day and do nothing 😀

      Ending 5: Jelenas Ending, make everything to pleasure Jelena and say yes to her at the end

      Ending 6: good ending Zlatan, have good relation with Zlatan, stay with him, and don´t have sex with him in the kitchen, (maybe only get Victor´s trust high enough)

      Ending 7: Bad ending Zlatan, like ending 6 but have sex with him in kitchen, Victor don´t trust you.

      Ending 8A: everyone got arrested, Faith get free and see her husband cheating with another woman.

      For DP szene. You have to had sex with Senka and Bogdan before, at least 150. Go to Bogdans office at 22.00 and choose “Sit on table and tease Bogdan. After that you have the option to “sit on his lap”. That will lead you to the 3 some scene. Beware this scene can only be done once!

      So if anybody can tell me how to get ending 9 or other variations of the listed endings above I will be happy. Also can´t get Pool Animation with Senka.

      1. I got ending 9 and it’s similair to what you wrote for ending 1. Have high relationship with Bogdan,like 150 but don’t have sex with him at any point,must be slutty by helping him with Mariusz and drugging Dragan,reject Jelena too. You must keep asking him about Christian,eventually you will be able to ask Bogdan for help regarding birthday and later on he will show you Christian cheating with other girl. On the last day outside by the pool with Bogdan you should have two choices,stay as his sex slave or go back home,choose to go back and it should trigger endindg 9. I’m not totally sure if this is the right way,I got it couple days back.

        1. Thank you for your advise. I´ve tried it that way and got ending 1 again.
          I figured it out.
          Don´t have sex with Bogdan and ask for the money. On Phone call don´t say you love him, That was the big difference.

          Ending 2, 3 and 8 have an A Version. Is there a B version as well?

      2. Hmm.. for the DP scene I tried that every day with relationship over 150 and still didn’t get it. I was referring to the DP scene with Bogdan and who appears to be Dragan on the game page, not the couple threesome.

        Starting to think the scene isn’t in the game since no one has mentioned it.

        1. Leonizer did mention that Victor had a main role in one of the endings. So I guess that scene could be part of an ending that we haven’t figured it out yet… Anyone have any clue? I still haven’t managed to get Ending 1 and 2.

  20. Got all endings for now,I’d need to replay few more times to see other variations of certain endings. Also I still haven’t got animation with Senka on pool deck.
    Couple of thoughts on this game – it really is huge,took me a while to get all the endings and I still haven’t discovered everything.
    Even though I prefer different themes I did found story to be interesting,mostly because it’s happening in Serbia. Loved all those cultural references and small details,nice touch there.

    Characters have nice backgrounds, I already mentioned that Senka and Faith are one of your best pairings and I stand by it. Must say I had hard time to finish Bogdan routes,did not liked him at all. And it’s not criticism,he is actually written very well just in a way I don’t like 🙂
    Zlatan and Viktor maybe have too obvious character traits but I think they fit in the game nicely.
    Only remark I had here were dialogues in general, at a times I felt some bits of dialogue were “too advanced” for characters placed in non-english country.
    Sex scenes are good as usual but still I hope for couple more angles.
    All in all another very good game,replay value is maybe the highest so far,in my opinion of course. Great job.

    regarding what you’ve said about different dialogues and narration based on our choices we make. Personally I love that,it is small detail but it makes the game more believable and dialogues less repetitive. If it’s not too difficult I’d like to see that in future games too.

    Also regarding energy stat I mentioned above,generally I’m not against it. I just think in the game such as this,or LWT2 for example,where we are away or on vacation, removing energy stat is always better solution than keeping it. In my opinion there’s no reason to have energy stat in a setting where we don’t need to do everyday chores, like in CGD. This way freedom of roaming around and exploring the game is not compromised by low energy.

  21. Having got to about half the endings and discovered most of the animations I thought I would give a bit of feedback to the team.

    Visually, the standard is high, as we’ve come to expect. Faith is gorgeous, and Szuga obviously knows a few things about interior design! The animations are also up to standard.

    Daman’s scripts are excellent and I like the way they change depending on previous scenes. It makes the game feel more realistic and less repetitive.

    The gameplay is also good; but I do have one or two reservations.

    The main negative for me is simply the high lesbian content. I’ve got nothing against it, but it just doesn’t really do anything for me. I am also not a fan of Jelena, or the path where Faith ends up with her. I like her to end up with Bogdan, although any other character is more deserving than her loser husband – I can’t even be bothered playing to find his good ending. All this is just my personal taste of course, and I see others really love the Jelena character and storyline, which is fine. But this alone means this will not be one of my favourite LOP games.

    As a game, however, my main reservation is that it is non-linear. This may sound a strange criticism, as non-linear means you can choose your own path and there are more things to discover. But, it also means that there is no single definition of “winning the game” and replaying doesn’t mean aiming to do better, but aiming to do different. I believe that this is actually inconsistent with human nature – the male part of it anyway. We don’t want to be different. We want to be best.

    Several recent LOP games have this flaw. It means they have huge content (which you have to sort through to find the bits you actually like), but after you’ve discovered all or most of the endings there is no point in playing again. The games I come back to are ones where it is possible, by changing your strategy, or just having better luck, to do better. What does doing better mean? Well in a game like STT that is quite clear. It means to get to the point where you completely conquer all the women as soon as possible (not just one – no man wants just one woman, you gotta be kidding!). In a game like Eleanor 2 or Serbian Casino (they are actually very similar) it’s not so clear, and that isn’t just because they have female protagonists. When I play Eleanor 1, which I love, I play the same way I would as if I were a male character – that is to have sex with as many different people as I can as quickly as possible! I know this is unrealistic, but for me that is the whole appeal of a character like Eleanor – she wants sex the way a man does.

    In summary then, I like Serbian Casino, but I don’t like all of it, and I think that maybe it is better described as a visual novella with the option to choose your own ending than as a game.

    1. I believe that faithfulness level could be key trigger. I got them with staying faithful to Christian and having high relation with Bogdan,together with everything else in few comments above.

  22. You don´t have to be faithful at all! I had faithfull 0 and still got the ending 1 and 2.
    I had a lot of sex with Bogdan to get higher friendship.
    + important is only the phone call before day 16.
    + at phone call say all the good answers to pretend you love him.
    – dont have sex or any friendship with Zlatan
    – just have minimum sex with Jelena, I just click it as fast as I can. No extra scene, that would triger Jelenas ending.
    – don´t have no sex with Bogdan. So do have sex with him!
    I think if you don´t have sex with bogdan you trigger ending 8 and 9 where everybody gets arrested.

    If you still can´t get ending 1 and 2 with this hints. Just write down which ending you got instead.

    1. Didn’t know that,I played it faithful when i got those endings but did the same things you’ve said above. I also didn’t had any sex with Bogdan and still got endings 1 and 2,I think that decision you take with Senka and Dragan plays part to get endings 8 and 9

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