Web of shadows, Miami and American sunset

December 15, 2023 13 By leonizer


Chestnut is continuing his effort to render HOROS: WEB OF SHADOWS expansion. Take a look here to find out more about this project: Incoming projects: Horos – web of shadows

Luckily, we got all the texts ready (thanks Daman), so I can start developing this expansion when he completes his part (and I complete the LWT American sunset preview). It will be an excellent addition to the already vast game, adding new characters, scenes and enemies to defeat.

Most of the animations presented in the expansion will be 40 frames beauties – I presented them a few weeks ago (New type of animations + CVR:MB update), and I need to say that Chestnut did a great job with evolving that visual presentation aspect. Despite that, all animations in the game will be changed from a sequence of static files into a video file with various speeds, directions and scales. That would significantly improve the overall animation look, improve loading times and make everything take less space on servers and your hard drives.

I just want to remind you that HOROS has already been released and you can play it on our site lopgold.com…

…or buy it on STEAM. The expansion will be available both for lopgold.com subscribers and STEAM players.


When Chestnut completes WOS rendering, he will come back to ELEANOR: MIAMI and I hope that we gonna complete rendering this project in a month or two. Now we all talk about Tracy and Lisa but… Eleanor wants to shine again! She is changed, emotionally more grown-up and trying to stay on the side of faithfulness as long as possible.

In 2024 I’ll have a chance to witness her new career, her new arrangement with Drake and all the desires she gonna face in sunny Miami.

American Sunset

This week was so intense… despite my enormous sympathy for Eleanor, my mind is entirely focused on Tracy and Lisa right now. Finally, I started to receive a new batch of renders. Images are looking good, right? To keep the consistency between new and old images, we plan to redo all postprocessing for the old ones to match the quality we all want to see. It would require much work, but the result is worth it.

The development is doing great too. I was able to implement most of the daily actions with girls, daily schedule – characters appear in different places depending on the hour, and in some cases in outfits depending on your relationship level. You can now travel around your house and travel around various locations on the map. What’s remarkable is that all locations are beautifully animated during your wandering around the neighborhood. In some cases, the effects are really spectacular.

There is still a lot of work ahead of us! Keep your fingers crossed!