Horos: Web of shadows

In this expansion, we’ll be introducing two new characters – SILKARA the corrupted spider queen hungry for revenge and ROSIE an innocent farm girl who seeks help from HOROS. The two plot lines will intertwine, offering multiple possible outcomes. But that’s not all, as we have more in store; existing beloved characters will also feature in new events.

  • Insignia Lost – Teriania is frantically searching her home for the badge of her clan and the garments she needs to wear to an Elven ceremony. Without it, she wouldn’t be able to go back. She thinks a goblin may have taken it, which means he had to find an alternate route since the well was blocked off.

  • My Human, Not Yours – on his return to Teriania’s home, Horos is just in time to witness an arrow almost hitting him. As he turns the corner, Horos can hear loud noises coming from Teriania’s house. He finds her with her bow drawn, fiercely yelling at Nuala who is gripping two daggers waiting to attack. The two elves were fighting over Horos since only one of them believed in monogamy. Horos steps in and demands that they don’t kill each other until he finds a solution.

  • Not on My Watch – Horos returns to Nuala to find she has been ambushed. She explains that three bandits rushed her and stole some fruits from the tree, claiming they could gain power if they ate it. She implores Horos to go after them before their newfound strength surpasses his own.
  • Professional Rescue – following a few intimate moments between Horos and Cristal in the tavern, she will come to the dungeon in lieu of Phoebe to offer Horos his last rites – without any guards present to interrupt their encounter.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter – Horos tries to woo Phoebe but is repeatedly rebuffed. Cristal notices this and offers her assistance. She wants to make her “mommy and daddy” pleased with her. To join the fun, she suggests making Horos appear so attractive that Phoebe won’t have any other option but to sleep with him.
  • Girls with Books are Dead Sexy – Navana explains to Horos that her opponent is killing her undead creations and adding them to their own. She asks for his assistance in halting the loss of her army and preventing the rivals from increasing in size.

We’ve created those scenarios as quests, not single events. Some are easily triggered, and some require several steps to achieve them.



Estimated: Q1 2024


HOROS base version of the game has already been released for lopgold.com and on STEAM. The expansion will be released on both platforms, with the priority to our subscribers.

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  • New type of animations + CVR:MB update

  • Horos: Naughty threesomes – available now!


  • What comes after LWT1: Luscious secrets?



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