Eleanor in Miami

Eleanor felt the suffocating weight of her past pressed down on her shoulders, and she sunk further into her chair as she begged Drake to leave this place to start fresh in Florida. When she told him about Kevin and how he had been using her for months, Drake’s expression shifted from shock to profound sadness. His hands trembled as he thought about possibly breaking up their marriage. But in the end, Drake couldn’t bear the idea of not having Eleanor, and he chose to forgive her.

Eleanor’s addiction to the thrill of meaningless sex had pushed her husband, Drake, to a breaking point. In a desperate attempt to save their marriage, they agreed to a rather unconventional solution – Eleanor would be allowed to sleep with other people if it was in the presence of her husband. The same rule was designed for Drake. For Eleanor, this seemed like the perfect compromise; she would get the thrill of illicit sex without actually cheating on her husband.

They moved into a small apartment and began their next step together. Eleanor promised Drake she would stay faithful, yet she still fought with temptation daily and wondered what dirty secret she could keep hidden if he weren’t watching closely. She got a job at Faith’s beauty salon, where she formed tight bonds with other girls without them knowing anything about each other’s stories.

We gonna focus on 3 careers here:

hairdresser in Faith salon, where Eleanor will have a chance to earn honest money without any crazy stunts
become a fashion model for Senka at first and then take part in more erotic sessions
work for Bogdan as a croupier in his illegal casino and earn good money for doing kinky stuff with rich customers

A powerful narrative arc will revolve around Faith, which serves as the game’s central premise. You’ll gain more insight into her life, form an intimate bond with her spouse, and uncover a hidden truth. Whether you can help Faith or not rests in your gameplay choices.

Senka and Bogdan have landed in Miami to pursue their clandestine objectives. Will you join them on their path to success or attempt to challenge them?

Grace is Drake’s colleague from work. Can you assist her in blossoming like a butterfly?

Hey, don’t forget Cali from the bar – she eagerly awaits any wild escapade that Eleanor has up her sleeve.

And there is so much more to discover…

You’ll be immersed in a stunning mix of visual novel and relationship-simulating elements as they make decisions that shape the main plot. Each character featured in the game has its unique storyline to discover, with various daily actions, stats, and events set in place to strengthen the gameplay experience.

Eleanor promised her husband to remain faithful, but you could still sway her actions. Inviting partners for sex in front of her husband is exciting, but being ravished by strangers when he isn’t around is even more tantalizing. Choose whether you want her to be a devoted wife or a naughty vixen with no regrets.



Estimated: Q2/Q3 2024


Game will be released first for lopgold.com subscribers and then, probably after the first expansion, for STEAM players.

Ready to dive into the steamy world of adult-only games on STEAM? First, make sure you’re logged in and click your name in the top right corner. Then, select “Store Preferences” and check the box for “Adult Only Sexual Content.”



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  • DJP50578 says:

    I really hope this Eleanor game is a smash hit. I’d really hate to have such a LOP icon be a bomb. I will say though, if it ends up being anything like Serena: Dark Confessions, I’m gonna be pissed. Oh, and as always, make sure to check your spelling and grammar. It’s such a big loss of immersion for me when I’m stifled by spelling and grammar errors. Thank you.

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