Living with Temptation – Wife Gone Wilder

Finally we are ready with the long awaited expansion to the Living with Temptation game.

Tracy, after their wild trip to Las Vegas has become much more open to new, sexy adventures involving more than one partner, and she discovers that being watched really turns her on.

Can Justin rise with her to a whole new level of sexuality?

And now Lisa is hornier than ever before. Together with Sandy she is ready to play a super sexy game by the swimming pool, and she is much more eager to spread her legs for Justin after that first time at the club.

So Justin’s task is much more complicated than before – how can he keep up with Tracy with so many other temptations around?


– Amazing, extended and spicier scenes – relive the most alluring moments with additional choices and new animations.
– Explore brand new events that enrich the story, including an awesome pool party and an epic visit in a swingers club.
– New exciting daily activities.
– New bonus images for completing the game.
– Additional endings corresponding to the extended storyline.

You can play it here:

Eleanor – asking for more

Proud to announce that today we launched a new expansion to our Eleanor game.

New expansion includes:

– 10 additional alluring sex scenes: threesomes, BDSM, lesbian, voyeur and more
– A new location – garden: you can watch Eleanor wearing her super sexy bikini
– Improved sex animations – 2x smoother than before
– New bonus images for completing the game
– 3 new endings that make the story even more complete

Eleanor’s life is now enriched with new dramas and opportunities to cheat on her husband even harder. Control her actions and decide if she is willing to risk her reputation and perform in a porn movie, or maybe pay for the mistakes from her high school times and involve herself in a BDSM threesome with one of her old enemies.

There will be a lot of temptations, and it is up to you whether you can resist them or not… and whether you will wake up with a stranger’s cum on your lips.

Oh, wait, maybe you are the sentimental type and you will choose the loving wife path, instead? Then you can revive your neglected garden and invite your husband for a romantic drink surrounded by nature, or make him love you so much that he will invite you to an amazing weekend trip… during which you can express your love by giving him an erotic show with a sexy female tourist, so close to him he will almost be touching the both of you.

You can meet Eleanor again here:

Bonus for


  • Improved image quality allows you to play our games on a much bigger scale than before. Including full screen.
  • Download a game and keep it on your hard drive as long as you want. Once you download, no internet access is required to play.
  •  Within every game you’ll find a little something extra – bonus artwork that will get your blood flowing.

We start with 6 high rated LOP games and then we will systematically add more and more titles to this bonus section.

Eleanor is ready to love… or cheat

Today we’ve launched our new game.

Your name is Eleanor and… To put it delicately … You are not the most loving wife on the planet. Of course, you are insanely beautiful and charming, so almost any man would kill to be with you, but…

You care more about money and having fun than about any one man. You love your husband’s money, but you don’t give a shit about him. You’ve just recently maxed out the last of your 9 credit cards on expensive shoes, fancy dresses and kinky lingerie. Only an hour later, when your husband Drake discovers the latest debt, you find out that this time a passionate blowjob won’t make everything alright. He is really angry and ready to divorce you.

You manage to make a deal to avoid being out on the street: you must pay back this debt and become a more loving wife. If you fail you will lose everything he has ever given you: the amazing house, the car and the credit cards.

So it’s time to take your life more seriously. Get a job, work at being a good person, and become the wife he always wanted you to be. Or maybe you want to use the time to find other opportunities for yourself. Then again, maybe you want to respond to his anger by being even worse than before, cheating on him every chance you get.

To be a loving wife, or an independent woman who stands on her own, or a dirty whore who gives herself to the highest bidder, that is up to you. It’s your choice… your pussy… your life…

Every one with the possibility of turning into a lucrative career. Sometimes success is achievable due to your hard work and skill, and sometimes success can be obtained by showing off your awesome ass and your oral skills.

Earn their trust, become friends and then use them to your advantage. Some could really help you in critical moments, others could just be people to step on when you need to get a little higher.

Eleanor is a simulation of life. Every day you can visit many locations and perform various actions influencing your stats. For example, you may watch TV with your husband at your home to cultivate a strong marital bond or you may visit the hair stylist to increase your STYLE.
Every action costs time: 1 or more hours to complete. Don’t forget to eat and to make time for yourself – if Eleanor’s morale gets too low, she may refuse your commands.

You can play with Eleanor here:

Ryan Blender is here!

Another sleepless night spent with a bottle of cheap alcohol at Joe’s bar. Thanks to the internet, the Private Eye business isn’t nearly as rewarding as it used to be, and the lack of excitement is killing Ryan.

He needs some adventure, a challenge… and so far his only customers are dudes suspecting their wives of cheating on them – still boring but at least Ryan can always get some hot photos of married women doing nasty things that they would never let their husbands do.

He even once tried to sell a set of pics involving a African American Politician and a hot widow, but once the parties involved found out, he got his ass kicked so he quit that part of the business.

Yes. That’s his life. Try to face his problems in our latest adventure game.

You can play Ryan here:

House party – ready to play

I’m proud to announce that our latest project House party is published.

Nico has very strict parents – his dad is a military man and his mother a teacher – so he was kept on a short leash for a very long time, but this night will change his life: his parents have left on vacation and he’s got the whole house to himself. It was an obvious choice to throw a party.
He’s invited just a couple of friends – his girlfriend, his best buddy and… that is it. But as time goes on, more and more guests have arrived – Nico’s sexy ex-girlfriend, Jazz; a well-dressed chick with her drunken fiancé; a shy Asian girl and… many more. Too many to keep count.
Play as Nico and run this party! Entertain your guests, flirt with them and organize party events. Stay faithful to your girl, Vivian, if you want to; but remember: you can get back with your ex or bang any other female party attendant… or go for all of the above, if you think you are good enough.
This night could be a boring slumber party with a couple of friends pretending to have fun or, if you play it wise and plan everything perfectly… This night can become something bigger than life, a tale forever remembered as the greatest night of debauchery they ever partook in. But who cares about them, this could be your greatest night ever.

You can join the party here: