LWS – forbidden fruit is ready!

I’m proud to announce that today we’ve released an expansion to Living with Serena called Forbidden fruit.

The whole concept for this expansion was provided by one of our fan calling himself “Oni”. Oni was not only able to provide me with fresh ideas but also with detailed description of presented scenes and interesting mechanics for interactions. So thank you for that Oni – I’m sure we gonna see more of your ideas in our future games.

About the expansion – it’s the biggest one we’ve ever created.


When you came back home, drunk again, she warned you for the last time. Right now, your relationship with your fiancée, Serena, is on the verge of a break-up and you have finally realized that you have some personal problems that you need to solve in order to keep her in your life.

Play as julian and try to regain serena’s trust: prove to her that your love, tested by your current crisis, is even stronger than before, and bring your relationship to a new level. or, maybe…

Don’t do that. Forget about her and focus on the other alluring girls that you could meet in this city: the lovely Melissa, Serena’s assistant, or the provocative Lorena, who works as a clerk in the local shop.

lws_exp_demo_001  lws_exp_demo_003  lws_exp_demo_005








Serena is waiting for you here: LWS: Forbidden fruit at lopgold.com

Incoming free games

Right now we’re fully devoted to LWS Expansion but when we finish this project we’ll release our first free game in 2016 – “Real estate romance“.



Meanwhile we’ll consult a shorter format of our free games with our INSIDERS. Some screens from a first game from this line below.

04      09

And some more projects mentioned before:




LWS expansion is coming

Right now I’m spending all my time with Serena – we’re getting together very well and I’m really impressed with the visuals and copywriters ideas.

For this moment I got only 3some scenes to put together – after that making necessary links between all interactions and then testing process.

I would like to thank you for your patience – this girl is worth it.

BTW – In a couple of days I’ll publish information about planned free games coming this year.

LOP GOLD in 2016

Welcome 2016 – the best year for LOP GOLD players ever!

I promised LWS EXP to be released soon but we got some issues with getting texts for this game on time. So we got a delay with that project. But don’t worry – we haven’t wasted this time. I started to develop ELE2 (despite the fact that we’re still missing many renders for it) and development is going very well. With Insiders group we’ve tested new sex mechanics and it seems that insiders like it a lot.

I want to release LWS EXP first cause I’m still waiting for more renders for ELE 2 (the biggest amount of renders ever). Agrippa promised me to deliver all texts to Serena by the end of this week so I’ll be able to start working over this project from next Monday.

So what can you guys except from LOPGOLD this year?
You know that I don’t like to give any dates but I can tell you what we plan to launch this year for our premium site.


EXP_EV_102  EXP_EV_134_a10


Short game and super hot game for BONUS GAMES section







New project rendered by ITMAKESMEBLUSH.








And probably something more.
So what do you think about 2016 line-up?

About RoomMates

Today I would like to announce a new project for sexandglory.com called RoomMates.

It will be unique dating sim / relationship manager with a lot of vivid characters and interesting game play options.

Some test visuals prepared by ItMakesMeBlush below:







Farm stories are here

Today we’ve released our next free game – Farm Stories.
Thanks to our community support we were able to beta test it very well, find many bugs and get amazing feedback about this project.

I would like to thank you for your support – you’re really great. I wasn’t expecting so much e-mails and so deep analysis of the game. That was awesome!

We’re going to continue the Insider program with future projects – I would contact all insiders by e-mail next week.

So here we go – Trixie, Wendy and Sharon are awaiting you here: Farm Stories at PF1

Insiders: Farm Stories


I’ve read all e-mails you’ve sent to us and I really appreciate your ideas and enthusiasm.

Today I wanted to assign a first task to our candidates of the INSIDERS program but my e-mail account stopped sending e-mails after the first 50 messages.

Cause it’s impossible to send more messages one day with this account I want to give the details of this task here.

So here we go – our first project awaiting your detailed feedback: Farm Stories. This game will be published as a free game on PF1 and LOP.

You can find Farm Stories here: http://lessonofpassion.com/insiders/project_001_FS/

Your task is to play this game and let us know what do you think about it. I want you to focus on the following areas:

1. Quality of visuals: what do you think about character design, locations and animations. Try to point us elements you like and areas that requires some improvements in the future projects.

2. Story: tell us if you like the story – is it interesting for you, which aspect of it you like the most and which aspects aren’t developed well enough.

3. Gameplay: by this we understand all type of interactions you’re taking during a game to push the action forward. Let us know if you like dialog panels with visible buttons mixed with „find an additional hotspot” system. What do you think about tease interaction stage during which you got 2 hidden hot spots and your job is to find a correct one to move forward. Finally, what’s your opinion about new sex scene gameplay model implementation. Tell us about your experiences with our previous games – do you like those gameplay mechanics from our older titles more or do you prefer this new scheme.

4. Bugs: if you’ve found any bug or you have issues with some parts of the game – please include it in your feedback.

5. Your feedback in general: if you want to share your thoughts about this game in particular or about our other games – please feel free to do it. We’re more than eager to listen to your voice.

In a short term the goal of this is to make Farm Stories as enjoyable as possible with some minor tweaks (bug fixes, subtle text modification, etc) – we aren’t able to implement bigger changes on this level.

In a longer terms – thanks to your voice we’ll be able to evaluate the direction we’re heading with our projects and come up with better solutions tailored according to your needs.

Depending on a quality of received feedback we will choose a group of around 30 persons who will join the program and become the INSIDERS who will participate in the future tests on the regular basis.

BE ADVISED: We will contact selected participants via e-mail.

DEADLINE: We want to publish this game next week so we’re waiting for your feedback till 2015.12.1.

This project is still BETA which means it’s not completed yet. It’s still missing music, voices and may contain bugs. So please not share it with anyone.

IMPORTANT: Cause it’s only a beta test – to send your feedback DON’T POST IT ON THIS BLOG – all messages of this type will be deleted.

Send your feedback to insider@lessonofpassion.com with e-mail title FARM STORIES.

Next game for lopgold.com?

I’m aware that there are a lot of expectations concerning ELE 2 project – this game will rock your world.  And to make it as excellent as possible we’ve decided to fill it with even more content than we originally planned. Unfortunately we need to render much more scenes and prepare lot of new fragments of texts. And yes, because of that we need to postpone the release of it. Chestnut is rendering in full speed for a couple of months and still there is a lot of work ahead of him.

So right now I’m thinking about releasing an expansion for LWS first. But by the expansion I mean… wow! Original game had around 142 static images – expansion itself got 300 images. The same with animations – expansion will have also twice as much animations as the original game. So the number of visuals is just crazy. And the quality of them? Just look below:










So right now we’re modifying our plans – LWS expansion first (last month of 2015 or a first month of 2016).

Also we got another project waiting in the line – short erotic date with the same game model as Erotic date: Sylvia and Nick.





Seducing the Throne is ready!

We’ve got a very good news for you guys – today we’ve launched our latest fantasy dating sim game. Many thanks for iksanabot and agrippa for taking part in very intensive betatesting.

Your name is Lord Anthony Hailing. You are the last heir to the Hailing family, once a powerful political force in the capital of the kingdom.

When you were a child, your family was sent to serve as diplomats on the northern frontier and keep the barbarians in check – but this was no more than a political move by a temporary ruler who sought to consolidate his power after the death of a well-loved king. He seized the throne for his own daughter, whom he had conceived with one of the king’s cousins, and rid the city of his most powerful adversaries by sending them to distant battlefronts.

An old secret has come to light: Lord Bigtoes discovered that you are in fact a bastard child of your mother with the former king, and the rightful heir to the throne. It’s a secret that could get you killed, unless it is revealed to the people at just the right time.









Become a lover
Interact with 3 heavenly beautiful women and do everything to steal their hearts (and spread their legs in the process, of course). Conquer them step by step – start with gentle and romantic gestures, offer them gifts and try to find out more about their past and desires. Then, when you’re more confident with those relationships, invite them on dates and awake their dormant sluts during passionate make outs.

Become a hero
It’s an RPG game, so  you’ll need to build your character’s skills in various areas – fighting, thieving, politics, etc. Impress your adorable girlfriends with your progress and help townsfolk solve their local problems by performing various tasks posted on the city quest board (for a substantial reward, of course). Upgrade your mansion with new equipment that will help you reach your goals.

Become a king
Your opportunity will come on the night of the summer solstice, 30 days from now. Every ruler is confirmed anew at the summer solstice, receiving the blessing of the Gods from the High Priestess. It is a time for other claims to be heard. You have until then to put yourself in a position to take the throne, or in a position to escape the city when the queen’s men come looking for your head…

It’s a time management game in which you will perform various actions every single day. For instance, you could interact with girls in order to increase your relationships, train in the Fighters Guild to better wield your sword or perform epic (or less spectacular) quests to earn money and spend it in a shop.

Every action takes time, so you’ll need to plan your day wisely. Depending on your playing style and your skills, you can end this game in 9 different ways. So, even if you finish it once, you still have a great many reasons (at least two per girl) to try again, improve your technique and reach another ending.

The throne is awaiting you, as well as 3 sexy ladies. You can find them here: Seducing the Throne at lopgold.com