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What’s up sisters?

ItMakesMeBlush is slowly completing renders to LWS second expansion that would be exclusively focused on Jade – Serena’s sister.

I have to admit that I just love those characters and if you will fall in love with this expansion (and I’m sure you will) we’ll probably develop full sequel to present even more adventures of Serena, Julian and Jade.

BTW – we’re releasing PLEDGE: Teacher’s secrets next week!

Hello Julian. I’m Jade – Serena’s sister.

Ever wounder how Serena’s sister would look like?
Intrigued what is located on the upper floor of Julian’s apartment?
What kind of twisted desires does Serena has?

Now you got a chance to get answers.

In 2019 we’ll present huge update to Living with Serena game.

– new daily actions with Serena
– new events with your wife as well as her friends
– introduction of her evil sister: Jade
– new endings
– native 720p resolution
– re-engineered in UNITY

Hey, do you have a great event idea?
Write in the comments what kind of event you would like to see in this expansion and we’ll choose the most popular one and implement it into the game.

Short July update

OEP under development – with the end of this week I plan some first tests.

Also we’re testing our new UNITY engine – also in July I want to release a first test game developed in that technology and I’ve decided to remake Rob: The unfaithful. Don’t expect any major changes – same good Rob presented with new engine to test the compatibility and all other potential issues in public, bigger scale.

Among all other game we’re developing right now I’m thinking about releasing a sequel of Living with Serena. I’m aware that sequels are very risky business but I’m willing to take a chance cause we got very solid story for this and it’s obvious, that everyone loves Serena, right? And probably many of you want to meet her darker side, right? Please let me know in the comments what do you think about that idea.

UPDATE 2017-07-17
EOP is almost complete. We need 1-2 days for final touches and we’ll release this game this week.