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So what’s coming next?

As you all know, we’re doing everything to release ELE3 next week.
Generally we got everything except verified texts – I hope this missing piece will be delivered on time 🙂

Cause YamYoda is still rendering LWT2 EXP we we’ll release PLEDGE update first (together with cheat menu as some of you asked) and then when Yam will complete rendering we’ll go with Justin and his gang. Some new images with Lisa doing some nasty stuff below:

Then we’ll announce something new that we kept deep in our treasure chest. Arrgghh!!!

BTW, you may noticed on our INSTAGRAM account that we’ve released couple images from WAITING 4 YOU game – that would be our next project available for FREE for everyone (with LOPGOLD.COM PLAY IT FIRST priority).


Today we’re releasing our latest short game that is released for LOPGOLD.COM members first and then, after 2 weeks, we’ll release it on as a free game.

So here we go!

Peter is not a hero.

He can be charming (and a little bit obnoxious), he can be gallant (and more than a little lecherous) and he can be quick-witted (or, rather, he needs to be). But he is not a hero. Because Peter is a fool.

A fool who looked for a brighter place, a better future, and found himself living on scraps and stolen goods. A fool who wanted to go beyond what his birthplace offered and found the shadows of a corporate-owned world. A fool who, for some reason or another, still tries to get a better life while clinging to his aspirations.

So, Peter is not a hero.
But, for the right woman… he can fake it.

Meet Sanake

A jaded-slash-idealist doctor who tries to be as altruistic as possible while keeping her business afloat. Despite the hardships, Sanake may be one of the most successful and genuine persons Pete can (legally) meet in this world. Now, if only all her troubles were work-related…

Meet Vanilla

Do you remember that old female friend of yours? That one with the sun-kissed, freckled face who was as often as not rowdier than your whole group of male friends put together? Vanilla was that friend, well before getting her current curves. And a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Meet Nobe

Ever wonder how an action hero would look if he was a deranged woman with enough muscle to dead-lift you? Wonder no more! Nobe has kicked ass all-over the system in her role as corporate security, which is the closest anyone can get to being a military hero nowadays. Pity about those drug-issues.

“Beneath Steel Clouds” is a life-sim set in a dystopian future with a cyberpunk aesthetic and themes but without the gritty, grim-dark tone and with a healthy dose of snark added on top. You have thirty days to get a grip on your life, earn (or get) some credits and hopefully get the girl. Get on it, chummer, things ain’t gonna solve themselves! They never do.

Dive into dystopian reality here: BENEATH STEEL CLOUDS –

Beneath steel clouds coming next

While I was waiting for verified texts to SERBIAN CASINO I started to develop a new FREE game that will be released as PLAY IT FIRST at next month.

It will be a dystopian dating sim based on the COLLEGE ROMANCE game engine. Copywriting by AGRIPPA – you know this guy from our earlier releases.
I plan to release it next month.

ELEANOR 3: I’m still waiting for complete texts (before verification). When I receive them I proceeding to development. It should take around 3 months to develop the whole game.

LWT2 EXP: rendering is going well – we gonna present new visuals soon.

Incoming free games

As I mentioned before in 2019 we would like to release FREE games more often.

Wild Wet West
First we’ll start with a small relationship sim based on a wild west – the same where you were able to meet Snake. 3 girls – sherif, girl from a brothel and native Indian hunter. We got all visuals and texts ready for this game – as soon as I complete SC project I’ll start developing this one.

Beneath steal clouds
Another sim – this time with dystopian theme. I love sci-fi projects and I hope you’ll love our game too. We got 95% of visuals and still waiting for texts (Agrippa said he is almost there but… still waiting – hurry up dude :).

Waiting 4 love
I don’t know if you remember Looking 4 love – our free game released many year ago. We try to make a spiritual successor of it. This is going to be special project so we invited Angelica to participate in it and she said yes. Together with this black haired beauty with body worth dying for we’ll meet Jessie who… got some secrets.

We’ll release those games as “PLAY IT FIRST” – which means that those titles will be available for MEMBERS as exclusive for two first weeks and then we’ll release it for free on

Play it first: Sue

So as promised we’ve just launched a new section on – PLAY IT FIRST. With LOP GOLD MEMBERSHIP play our
FREE MINI GAMES 2 weeks ahead of everyone else and get access to exclusive BONUS MATERIALS.

Out first game in that section is SUE: After the valley.

38 years old (still not 40, that’s important!), a successful lawyer and a soon to be partner at his firm, Milton Price had it all. Except a date. And that, to a perennial single and workaholic in a conservative environment, was also important.

Though there are people who specialize in being good companions. People who, for a price, would accompany him to his mandatory events and dazzle his partners with charm and class. Milton has just called one of these people. He just hopes it doesn’t blow up in his face.

“Sue: After the Valley” is a short adventure that unfolds throughout a single scene that can be thoroughly explored through dialog options and interactive sex scenes. Rediscover Sue’s character from “Snake Valley” in this modern setting and look out for all the possible endings!

If you like to meet Sue just visit Milton’s office here: Play it first – or wait till 2018.09.14 and you’ll be able to play this game for FREE on, and other sites with erotic games.